Lamar Odom Confidant: Star "Fancies Cocaine," Has Spent $50K on Drugs in Recent Years

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In an interview with Radar Online, an anonymous insider - described by the site as a "Mr. Fix It" type in New York - gives a detailed account of Lamar Odom's ongoing drug habit.

According to this individual, the NBA star "likes to party," is a "pretty nice guy" and his preferred method of drug inhalation is to freebase cocaine.

“In my experience, he literally likes cocaine," the man says.

"He is a cocaine guy. He likes to smoke it."

Earlier reports have also connected Odom to cocaine.

Other sources claim he also dabbles in crack, Ambien and Oxycontin, though this insider says he has no knowledge of those other substances as they relate to Lamar.

This fix-it dude says he witnessed Odom smoking cocaine on February 10, just hours before the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the New York Knicks… with little help from Lamar's two points in 22 minutes.

He says Odom spent $16,000 in one sitting on the drug and approximates he has doled out around $50,000 over three years on the habit.

With Khloe Kardashian reportedly ordering her husband to get out or get help, this insider agrees that Odom has a "huge problem," which is "becoming worse." The guy clearly needs help.

“Dude, you are a drug addict,” the confident pleads directly to Lamar, via Radar. “This is becoming to the point where you could lose your life.”

Regardless of whether or not you believe this unnamed source, it's apparent Odom can't break this habit on his own.

Following a DUI arrest Friday and multiple sources confirming his drug use, it seems impossible to believe that Lamar will play again in the NBA.

As for his marriage and his overall health? Only time will tell.


Maybe Cookies does! You did read and post a comment.


Omg! It really doesn't! If he can 16k inone sitting, I don't think it would too hard to spend 50k in a couple days not three years!!!! No wonder he's a drug drealer because it obvious that he didn't do too well in school!


and again who cares


This is really sad. Addiction is just like any other disease & can be pass down from parents. And I guess been in the spotlight 24,7 with the Kardashians can't be easy. I pray for Lamar, and hope he gets the help that he needs and I hope Khloe fights for man and marriage! My prayers are with this family!


$16k in 1 sitting but $50k over 3 years? That makes 0 sense.


yep, and a Chevy Impala!!


Clearly Lamar has some of the same issues as his father. I hope that he doesn't end up o.d ing someplace. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

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