Lamar Odom Friend Confirms Cocaine Addiction, Impact of Drugs on Marriage

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A new source has come forward and disputed the allegation that embattled NBA star Lamar Odom is hooked on crack.

HOWEVER, the basketball player and reality star most definitely does have a drug problem. A very serious one at that.

"The problem is cocaine," an anonymous insider tells Us. "He would be high for three or four days at a time... The addiction had taken over [his] marriage."

In response to Odom sadly falling off the wagon, the athlete's wife, Khloe Kardashian held an intervention for her husband last week.

It did not go well, Lamar refused assistance and Khloe subsequently kicked him out of their home. He reportedly went off the grid after that.

But he is reportedly back at home now and friends say he's open to getting treatment of some kind, though his relationship with Khloe remains on the rocks.

She "wants to save her marriage and him," the celebrity gossip tabloid reports, while an acquaintance feels nothing but pity for Kardashian:

"I feel so bad for her. She really loves Lamar."

And, along those lines, Khloe Kardashian is focusing her energy on the personal demons that have once again come to haunt her husband of four years.

Let's all hope Odom manages to overcome them.

Khloe and Lamar: Will it last?


he needs to save the show of kris jenner?


Prayers for Lamar Odom not to be blind of the wicked that may come his way. Trust in no man/woman only trust in GOD and only in him., he will not throw you under the Bus like so many whom has claimed to LOVE him so much. Lamar let got fight you fight and be alert for what is to come a more Reality of trueness. Satan's job is rob and destroy who he can. Pray that god will take off the blind shield to allow him to see everything for the reality of the truth will be known in ones eyes. Still and always be praying for Lama Odom. Please keep God close to you.Blessings


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