Kanye West: Charged With Battery, Attempted Grant Theft in LAX Paparazzi Beatdown

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Despite reports that he was off the hook, Kanye West has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for his LAX photographer smackdown.

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    The guy doesn't have class. Why doesn't he just let the paparazzo do their business and not say a word or give them eye contact. Its no news if they have nothing out of you. If you confront them, fight with them or get into a conversation with them, then it is what it is & deal with it. YOU put yourself in this mess Mr. Kanye, nobody threw you in the lime light, you CHOSE this lifestyle. Then you get yourself involved with the media hungry, homemade porn star Kim Kardashian (Even more lime light) what do you expect? For them to treat you like a private citizen? You're even more crazy than I thought.

    LESSON # 1 in the "How to be a Public Figure" class is:

    Roll with the punches, take the good & the bad and make the best of it.
    Being hot-headed, this endeavor is probably not a career you should go with, maybe you should choose a career that doesn't involve contact with people.


    This guy looks like something that came OUT OF MY ASS - one week ago. His lock jawed ass looks like he should be riding the short bus. That stupid pathetic wife of his looks like shes been dick beaten for years. He is a little short sawed off black munskin. I can't stand the pollution either of them create.


    This guy is soooo ugly. And what is wrong with that underbite???? U have so much money, get that f***d up jaw fixed, dang. He is a worthless piece if shit like that skank and clan that he is associated with. So sad for America. They pay attention to garbage like this and have no clue what is going on in the world. Remember: 90% of the Am population is stuuuupid. Period.


    I don't think they're married? He's only nasty & aggressive when he feels like it. He only makes scenes at airport when he feels like it? How much has he traveled since, with no incidents? They're set up by the Ktrash clan, pure & simple.


    Him and his wife both are famous for not doing a damn thing that amounts to shit. No contribution to society have the two of these made. Someone needs to kick his ass silly. Him marrying a sleazy woman who made a porn flick is the most low life thing and once again it shows what a useless fu*k he is. Her marring a gangster wannabe who is so arrogant it stinks. They do deserve each other that's for sure. Taking pictures of these two is a complete waste of film.


    ..................Black Looooooooooooooser, hahahahahaha!!


    Just plain ole black shit.

    @ Hess

    As opposed to plain ole white shit, huh? Bu with a name like Hess, your comment doesn't surprise me.

    @ guest

    Yeah, it's not Laquan, Laquita, COON-ta-kin-tay, Shanaenae or tube sock titties with flies all over his face like life in afrika? Lollolol.


    Well I'm Smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ Snickers

    Don't smile too hard Sparkie. You might break your face.

    @ guest

    Listen, if you are black then you are already cursed. Any other race you would stand a chance but the truth is, the world can't stand your ass and for good reason . You have no upbringing, your lazy, you steal, you kill, in other words just plain ole black stanly ass wasteful shit. The kind that exits my flawless white ass.





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