Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith Get Matching Tattoos, Totally Won't Regret That

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Maligned Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her recently arrested boyfriend of a few months, Nathan Griffith, got matching tattoos this week.

We have no response either.

The reality star recently got yet another tattoo, this one in honor of her 27-year-old boyfriend, and he got the same one. It's actually both of their names.

Jenelle and Nathan

The tatt is an ambigram that reads “Jenelle” one way and “Nathan” the other way. Pretty deep stuff, and totally not weird after they break up in October.

“Jenelle really has fallen so hard for Nathan and he feels the same way about her,” a source said. “She was totally excited the day she got the tattoo

"She’s ready for everyone to see how much she loves him."

Nathan isn’t the only one who's been inked in her honor.

Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers (yes, they're still married) had her name tattooed on his chest only to get it covered up after their ugly breakup.

Here’s hoping Nathan’s “Jenelle” tattoo won't be something he has to have lasered off in a few weeks, though based on Griffith's DUI arrest, they're doing well.

He was pulled over by the police initially because he was serving all over the road, in a huge hurry to get home, and get it in, with Jenelle Evans. Her words:


They look like they are 30 years old...don't do drugs.


For someone who can't afford $130 a month for child support, this is a great use of her money.


Damn, I was hoping they got tattoos of their own names (because the article doesn't make it clear haha). That'd completely make more sense because they get wasted so much, this could have helped them remember their names during those times, and the relationship won't even see 2014, so this will make for a pesky lasering session for both. She is seriously the most disgraceful person ever to be on MTV. And I know all about Farrah Abraham and even back in the day when Andrew Dice Clay got banned from the channel. But no, Evans is the worst person ever.


If that doesn't look like 2 fu*k ups I dont know what does.


well, kids see things differently.

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