Blake Shelton to Westboro Baptist Church: Blow Me, You Inbred Dips---s!

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Blake Shelton did not hold back, or mince words, when he learned that the Westboro Baptist Church will be targeting his upcoming concert in K.C.

The group, known for vehement anti-gay protests, says the country star's marriage to Miranda Lambert, his second, makes him a "vulgar adulterer."

As such, they plan to protest on October 3, and The Voice coach hit back:

Blake Shelton Live

"Hey WBC.. I've got one more sin for ya... Blow me," Blake Tweeted.

The response came after the group accused him of leading his "4 million plus followers to hell w/you" and claiming his "sin" is to blame for gay marriage.

How being remarried to another woman relates to gay marriage - or frankly why the WBC does anything it does - remained unclear at press time.

"Oh no! Not a picket! What will I ever do?!! The dreaded wrath of the picket!!" he wrote in reply to one follower's question as to why they're targeting him.

And the ridicule didn't end there. Some more of his choice tweets:

  • "Hey @WBCSays…This isn't about God. It's about me using this opportunity to make y'all look like the absolute complete dips--ts you are"
  • "Y'all may want to keep an eye on ur women at my show.. I've got a few band and crew guys that'll be smacking that holy ass!"
  • "You know what else god hates? Inbreeding... "

He also posted a photo of a protester and unfavorably compared the woman holding a sign claiming "God Hates Bill Maher" to Napoleon Dynamite.

Between this and Vince Gill confronting WBC protesters face-to-face, we'd say the scoreboard this month is Country Superstars 2, Hate Groups 0.


Blake Shelton should be better behaved than that.


you fucking suck blake your a fucking lier i hope you know that your going to hell for all eternity have fun in hell ass hole


My mother& i live together. I have 2 bros& the youngest & hiz crazy girlfriend r & have been stalking me for about 6-8mo..they r getting up in the attic somehow from the outside...i cant figure out how they r doing it but they r...i really dont know watt hiz motive iz..i have a victim protection order on him for putting me n a headlock & put a huge hunting knife to my neck !!! His thuggy friends saw it all but they all lied about it...he has stolen prescription medicine from mom & i while we were sleeping...he has all these younger kids as kinda like hiz followers..
I am a retired RN & on disability. My mother called me about 4 yrs ago & said she needed me to move home i didnt want to but i could not tell her no. My father iz deceased. We lived n a very small town where drugs & crime etc of the & i moved 4 miles from ware we were to a little bigger town....i thought this move would stop the stalking but it hasnt...whats really bad about this is nobody blieves me esp my mom..she iz hard of hearing & doesnt blieve that anybody could get into the attic etc..but he duz...we live n a small old very old house i can hear the creaking & crackling of the floor, i can smell the cigar & cigarette smoke...he iz so bold i dont put anything past him. He has history of killing cattle for the guy he used to wrk for etc....he duz this. & that small jobs etc..his girlfriend iz unemployed also....they r both con men to a T. He has her do his dirty wrk i gess bcuz of pov order. I dunno. But he haz been n jail bfore & mom & i bailed him out, helped him out etc...duznt mean anything to him for he feels its "our duty", i also think he poiisend my cat & it died. He is very jeallous of me for i made somthing out of myself & my bros didnt. He lives n an old trailer house w no utilities xcept he runs a long xtension cord to a buddies house. He duznt have a drivers license etc. he has tried to get on disability several times without fail...& i have helped him all i could. Mom & i are very close he is jealous of me. Ive been on disability for over 10 yrs plus i get a disabilty check from hospital ware i used to wrk for 15 yrs. i have always been the strong n our family. The stalking has really affected me. Im 52 & have bad health. I hate where im living its like the twilight zone to me....i sleep n a recliner n the living room so he makes sure he iz right above me so i can hear him but mother cant. The only thing that iz helping me hold it together iz that im a christian & pray alot.. Watt really bothers me iz that nobody blieves me !!!! He knows our comings & goings. He knows mother goes to bed at 7pm. He has stloen out of his own moms purse medications that she needs. My other bro has also. I dont know watt he is doing. No car no driver license etc. they like think people owe them. They both have gotten worse since my fathers death 8 yrs ago...for they knew they couldnt manipulate him etc...i have spent 6 yrs wrking in psychiatric wards so im pretty well versed,lots of common sense my folks relied on me alot. They are good folks and raised us the best they could..i was always the achiever had decent friends. & my bosses have all respected me well....but anyway i think ive given u enogh info to understand my position. I feel totally alone n this.. As im writing this letter mom has now gone to bed & i smell the cigar smoke. I hear him laughing & talking like he iz on the phone..they have stolen so many things from me & other people including my folks. & have no remorse. Stlolen boots clothing etc my purse drivers licence etc. i always have my phone & purse w me i sleep w them n my chair watt few hours i sleep. I had a mini breakdown today for i had adear friend die. I need sombody to talk to & help me know watt i need to do. I need sum support. Please hear my cry for help...


More people need to stand up to them. They r supposed to be children of God. I think they r children of the devil. God would never approve of the things this church has done.




If screwing up on your first marriage and then trying to find happiness and do things right the second time is a sin then there are a lot of us going to hell. This church is an example of that which gives organised religion a bad reputation and keeps people home on Sunday mornings.


I love me some Blake Shelton!

@ ThatTxChick

you think that your doing the right thing well your wrong you think that god hates gays or the soldiers well you are wrong god wouldn't have put us on this earth if he didn't love us i don't care what bull s... you have to say i am a true christian no one knows if the soldier is saved or believe in god so if you have any thing to say you better pray that god helps you say it the right way gays are loved for who they are not who they become so i hope you have something to back up why you are hurting this country.


I knew there was a reason I was a Blake Shelton fan.


I don't know why more people aren't standing up to these warped "christian" people......Good for you Mr. Shelton. good for you!


2 thumbs up Blake Shelton! Screw those psychos. I've had it up to here with their damn protesting everything. Kudos to you for standing up to them!

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