Teresa Giudice Fraud Case: Will Joe Take the Fall?

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Teresa Giudice is standing by her husband throughout their legal entanglements, and he may reward her by taking the fall, according to reports.


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    In some of the episodes I've seen. Teresa is so proude to be Italian, which is great. She even made income selling her Italian cook book, often speaks in Italian and makes light of those who don't know or understand the Italian way. But she is an Amercian Citizen and with that she and her husband are held to the same standards as we all do. You made that US income here! So they are required to pay their portion like the rest of us. Pay it or do your time. Then you can go back to Italy!!


    How many starving children do we have in the US & these 2 R living the high life. Through them both in jail pleeeeease


    Put both of them in jail
    The rest of us half to earn an honest living


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    Let's get down to what's real here. "Joe" Giuseppe Giudice would lie to ANYBODY to get ANYTHING he wants. He lies so easily and it doesn't mean a damn thing what this jerk_ss says. NOTHING he says has ANY degree of truth attached to it AT ALL. And Teresa has learned well from him. Those two are flimsy excuses for human beings and it's their kids that are going to really take it in the shorts for being their kids. Very Very sad and beyond unfortunate!

    And Bravo is somewhat at fault because they hired these two _ssholes for consecutive years of this mess of a TV show.

    Now, let me tell you what I really think!


    Wow! So, a "Convicted Child Molester" get's 3 years... But Defraud the Gov. and get 50?? Gee makes a lot of sense to me.


    Dnt do that lady gaga somebody are in outside dnt play wth money


    don't panic: SHE WILL DIRECT HIS STEPS!!


    Oh the web we weave.........

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