Teresa Giudice and Husband Surrender to Authorities, Released on $500K Bond

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Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice walked hand-in-hand this morning into a Newark, New Jersey courtroom to answer charges levied against them yesterday by a federal prosecutor.

The reality stars are facing the possibility of 50 years in prison for counts that range from mail and bank fraud to lying about their income when applying for bankruptcy.

Witnesses tell Us Weekly that Teresa and Joe were "very solemn" throughout the hearing, looking "professional" as they appeared before Judge Cathy Waldor.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Hold Hands

As for the results of the mandatory court date?

  • The Giudice are each free on $500,000 bail.
  • They have to forfeit their passports and are restricted to travel in New York and New Jersey.
  • Joe, who is actually not a U.S. citizen, will be subjected to drug testing.
  • These Real Housewives of New Jersey stars are now scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in New Jersey on August 14.

Will they go to jail for 50 years? We highly doubt it.

But are they in legitimate legal trouble? Oh yes.


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Couldn't have happened to a nicer pair.


Couldn't have happened to two nicer people...and he isn't even a citizen!!! Holy crap! What about those poor kids? Did they ever think about that.?
Joe's bro is as bad and stupid as he is, and after the way she treated Joey and Melissa, does she expect them to step in? I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree....did you see Joe's mother slapping at the paparazzi??? Fat old hag too. They all belong put away...Maybe now the kids will have a better upbringing.


I do not know how they sleep at night. It's so amazing to see what people will do to ACT like they are ritch. Those poor children are going to have a rough rode ahead of them. Very sad. I am middle class and dam proud of it. The Health of my family is all I want.


What do they mean, Juicy Joe isn't a citizen. How long has he been here?

@ khrish

Regardless of how long you've been to the States, you need to apply for a citizenship and need to have (as far as I know) a clear record in order to be eligible for that. Otherwise, you will be rejected. :)


These charges are known by Federal Prosecutors as "The Head Shot". Why? Because they are dead serious and ALWAYS result in a Federal Conviction. These two are going down. This is very serious. I would expect "Tre" to get 3 to 7 Years in Federal Prison and "Juicy" will be sent to the motherland, where he will serve time. Kids, get ready to move into the "Aunt Strippers" home......

@ Reality is every Day



She's stupid enough to follow her husbands bad ways, they both need to pay the piper, fame means nothing, as we have seen a million times before, people don't know how to live with popularity, they turn really dumb. I feel sorry for their girls.


This is what happens when one looks at too many episodes of The Sopranos!" I feel bad for thier children. What a shame.

@ Daniella

Please! Just listening to Theresa one knows that she is not very bright at all.


I am not an admirer of the Giudices, never have been, but I do hate to see them end up in this mess because of those 4 little girls and how this is going to hurt them. Gia especially will be destroyed by this. What on earth were these two fools thinking to dig themselves in so deep? I guess they thought they were so smart and popular they could get away with their criminal schemes. Well, they're finding out now they aren't as smart as they thought they were. Do the crime, do the time.

@ sterling2013

Neither Joe nor Theresa went to college or furthered their education in any way. I don't know if they even graduated high school. On the other hand Joe and Melissa Gorga both went to college. So they both danced and made money to pay their way through college - so what, good for them. They were not vulgar strippers, they were just sexy, young dancers. Thresa and her hubby are uneducated, jealous, immature people who constantly made Melissa & Joe out to be bad people in one way or another. Maybe when Tre gets out of jail she can find a job stripping somewhere to make ends meet because I don't know where she's going to find employment and raise her kids. Maybe Walmart will hire her part time. Shame on them, lying about everyone including their own family members when they were pulling the wool over everyone's eyes about their life style and income. I sure have sympathy for their girls though. I wonder if the Gorga's will end up volunteering to help raise the girls even though they were treated so badly all these years by Joe and Theresa. Maybe once they get out of jail they'll have to move their family to Italy for good. If that happens, God help their relatives in Italy.

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