Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler: New Couple Alert?!

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Interesting morning for news involving the cast of CBS' Criminal Minds.

First, a Thomas Gibson Catfish video surfaced, in which the married actor sent a message from his hot tub to a woman who trolled him on Twitter.

Now, Matthew Gray Gubler is dating Taylor Swift! Supposedly.

Taylor Swift Live Pic
Matthew Gray Gubler Photo

According to reports, she's had her sights set on him for awhile.

But are Taylor, 23, and Matthew, 33, actually getting it on?

Depends who you ask. And how you define that.

A source says the couple definitely has “mutual attraction" which has "led to some hangouts ... but they are not exclusive.” At least not right now.

Basically, not quite at the song-writing-alert level yet ... but there is potential. And the source adds, not surprisingly, that “she is in it more than he is.”

“There is the long distance factor and they have different schedules to worry about, so he is looking out for his feelings and hers and treading lightly.”

The source reiterates, though, that “Stuff is brewing.”

“They are definitely going to try to hang out this next week or two as she’s in Los Angeles for her tour. We’ll see how sparks fly from there. The potential is great."

"We'll have to wait and see."

Indeed we will.

The world was alerted to a possible romance between Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler when he tweeted that he was off to New England for July 4.

The Criminal Minds star then posted picture of himself wearing the same American flag face paint as the singer, who has a house in Rhode Island.

Makes. You. Think.

How do you feel about these two as a potential couple, THGers? Is Matthew wise to tread lightly? Or does he sound like the ideal guy for our girl?

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Quite the sexiest man!


Quite the sexiest man!


Quite the sexiest man!


ps-matthew u r my fave:)


He is far too cute for Taylor and she will jst dump him I MEAN I LIKE Taylor TOO BUT ITS JUST NOT A GOOD MATCH


I love you,more than words.


Hi Matt ,
We met 2 years ago at the Daniel Guers Winery taste shop in Los Olivos .i aplogized for smelling like a horse as you did for milking goats. LOL still have our Photo together. You made an old lady smile.
Always tell everyone you are so down to earth. That was a great day in my life. Thank you for a special time.
Taylor is very down to earth. I can see the attraction.. Hope it is still going on .
Best to you both.


Most of you guys are bashing on Taylor. I don't like Taylor with Matthew just as much as you do, but please do respect Taylor.


SHe is a scag with do dignity nor talent. She only looks any good with heaps of putty on her face. Im sick of her beligence re:ex boyfriends. They probably walk away due to finding out who she really is.


very nic sog

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