Thomas Gibson Catfish Video: Actor Snared By Twitter "Fan," Responds From Hot Tub

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Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson was apparently the victim of a Catfishing prank ... which came to light after the actor sent back an epically embarrassing video.

From his hot tub.

The story behind the video obtained by TMZ goes like this:

A woman from North Dakota contacted Thomas Gibson on Twitter in 2011, using a racy photo she took from an adult site and saying she was a big fan.

She proceeded to carry on a two-year "relationship "with Gibson, exchanging multiple explicit pics and videos, most of which she ganked from porn sites.

The Catfish plot worked, as the actor was smitten.

He filmed the "risky" video above last Christmas in Utah, and words can't really do justice to how awkward it is ... and we don't mean the blue lighting.

Thomas Gibson, 51, is married with three children. He references his family, who he was on vacation with, at multiple points in the video in fact.

A few months ago, the Catfishing came to a halt, as the perpetrator received a letter from the Criminal Minds star's lawyers demanding she cut off contact.

He apparently discovered that the pictures she was sending him were fake and suspected that he was being pranked. Well deduced, but too late.

It's unclear if the woman simply sent the video to TMZ to humiliate him for fun or it was obtained another way, but she won't reveal her real name or face.

Maybe Gibson can commiserate with Manti Te'o?


I don't think you can classify this as cheating. According to some writings, he has been separated from his wife for over two years. Apparently they live together for the kids. But I think this is a man who is very lonely and in a lot of pain. And his weight loss may very well be because of the problems in his marriage. It seems he is turning to alcohol and this online relationship to ease his pain. I think the ones who should be shamed and ridiculed are those cat fishers who have nothing better to do than get a kick out of other peoples pain.


i think its an absolute shame for thomas and other fans, also his wife and kids. why do people do these things?

Linda piper

Maybe someone is out to ruin his career.Not beyond the realms of possibility.


Thomas big problem is booze. Anyone who watches this show has seen him detoriate before our eyes. Considering the big weight loss and puffy eyes he needs to get some help ASAP!


Can he run for deputy mayor with wiener?


Wow ... wonder what his wife thinks


how embarrassing!

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