Selena Gomez vs. Taylor Swift: THG Bikini Body Summer Showdown!

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In celebration of LITERALLY the hottest time of year, we're pleased to announce and kick off the 1st Annual THG Bikini Body Summer Showdown!

It's not a complicated setup. Take a look at the two bikini-clad celebrities pitted against each other below. Choose your favorite. The winner advances.

Our most recent battle saw Brandi Glanville square off against LeAnn Rimes. Today? It's Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, who actually get along!

Who will win this first-round matchup? Cast your vote in the poll below!

And the Winner is?

Selena Gomez vs. Taylor Swift: Who's got the best bikini body? Vote in this first-round matchup of THG's Bikini Body Showdown! View Poll ยป

For more research before casting your virtual ballot above, feel free to keep perusing THG's galleries of Selena Gomez photos and Taylor Swift photos.

Just prepare for more classic GIFs than bikini pictures.

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Tailor Swift is very nice in victoria's secret fashion show.


Tailor swift will be the Super model in future.Thank you.


My vote is to Taylor Swift why becuse she will be supermodel in future.
Her beautiful smile wil be a plus point to her career.
Wish you best of luck.Thank you.


Tailor Swift will have britght future career.she has a nice smile.She will be super model in future.Thank you very much.


Model "Taylor swift" is in lime light in victoria's secret fashion show 2013.Taylor Swift is cute and active in this show.Best of luck to her.


By the way Taylor swift red shorts and black t-shirt so last season .


See u at the concert maybe : )


I get to go to the selena Gomez concert I get to take five people I know right : )


I think SELENA GOMEZ so so so so so better than Taylor Swift.



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