Raven-Symone Gay Announcement Rocks Twitter, Apparently Ruins Some Childhoods

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Raven-Symone came out last week via Twitter.

And now she's receiving some backlash via Twitter.

A few days after the former Cosby Show star expressed enthusiasm over the fact that she can "finally get married," many have taken to the social network and oddly/cruelly accused the actress of ruining their childhood.

Because they used to be a fan of her sitcom and now they can regret it? Because she's a lesbian? We guess? Check out some of these mean-spirited Tweets in the following video:

So, THGers, you tell us: Did Raven-Symone ruin your childhood with her announcement?


I think the idea of believing someone stood for something pure and good...and to discover it was not is the issue. However, the reality is that actors are just that...actors. Look at Miley Cyrus. She was always a 'freak' I suspect but kept it 'undercover' until Hannah Montana contract ended. I don't of course support any violent or mean spirited comments...however, the media & esp. entertainment world is hell-bent on making us all antichrist superstars (if they could) and would have us all believe any disappointment was 'hate' in regards to this. So since righteous judgment is usually always suspended in media especially due to the New World Order agenda...I'll judge each Twitter response individually. My hope is one day Ms. Simone will have a 'happy' life in a 'real' marriage that last for life with a good man. I think any parent whom genuinely loves their children (including over political correctness or culture...assuming they know what real 'love' is) would desire the same; the best.




Raven and other actors and actresses deserve to be happy, no matter what their sexual preference may be. They are still the same talented person that they were before their announcement. We do not have the right to judge someone because they are on a gay or lesbian relationship.
We will all be held accountable on judgement day for the choices that we made during our lifetime. I refuse to make their lives a living he'll, because of of their sexual orientation. This is the same person that you loved and adored.
The LGBT deserves our love, tolerance and acceptance like everyoneelse. I am tipping my hat to every human being that is willing to come forward so that they can find true happiness.

@ Betty Radio-White

smh if 'deserve to be happy' means engaging in un=natural sex acts; then I guess by that standard sex with animals, your spouse undercover or even children is ok...as long as the person is 'happy'. How about loving the person enough to encourage them to seek out why they have leaned in a unnatural direction and seek healing. I guess that idea requires to much honesty.


Why in the hell are you even putting up such garbage articles in the first place? WHY give attention to BIGOTS? How about all the people that came out in support for her? Stop perpetuating the problem! THAT is the ONLY problem going on here!


how can she ruin anyones child hood really did she raise you um no... so stop blaming her for what she is and start blaming your parents for raising stupid people


How can Raven ruin someone's childhood when they're no longer a child? The way I read this is that people who watched her on 'The Cosby Show' were her fan but, now, many years later, their childhood is ruined? That's so stupid. She can't ruin your childhood if you're no longer a child. This is so dumb, it's funny. Because I can't believe people can be that confused. She's gay. So? It's 2013. With all the stars that have come out, why is it still shocking people? Quit putting them on pedestals and thinking they can do no wrong or you think they're perfect. It'll let you down big time. I don't understand gay feelings but I'm not going to judge them for being gay.


WTF?!!! She didn't ruin mine. I'm glad she came out with it. She's being true to herself, why hate or say that? Assholes!!!!

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