Myla Sinanaj: Obsessed With Kim Kardashian! Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Her!

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There was never any doubting Myla Sinanaj's obsession with Kim Kardashian, but she's apparently taking it to dramatic, stalkerish, disturbing new levels.

She freely admits she is trying to emulate K-squared, she tells TMZ, and is about to get a bunch of plastic surgeries to look just like Kanye West's baby mama.


Myla Sinanaj, of course, dated Kim's ex-husband Kris Humphries and lied about being pregnant with his baby, then made a sex tape called The Anti-Kim K.

Yes, she made a Kim Kardashian sex tape parody of sorts ... or a tribute. Really, it's not clear what it was, or who'd watch it ... but she's REALLY into Kim.

She says she's just plain sick and tired of being called the "Fat Version of Kim K" though, and will do whatever it takes to rectify that problem.

WHATEVER it takes.

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Kim Kardashian Boobs Pic

"I’m obsessed with her body and want mine to be exactly the same," says Myla of Kim Kardashian and the $30,000 worth of operations she's lined up.

Dr. Matthew Schulman will do the honors, giving his client liposuction, lip injections and a boob job so that she closely resembles her apparent idol.

Is anyone else getting a little freaked out over this?

Not the porn star wannabe herself, that's for sure.

Myla Sinanaj Anal Scene
Kim Kardashian and Ray J Photo

She says anyone who bashed her and Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX will eat their words, adding that the plastic surgeries "will launch my career."

Somewhere, Farrah Abraham is already plotting to go under the knife for the 17th time just to make those hilarious fake boobs stand out from her rival.

Question is. Who would you rather ...


Kim K is a hobbit, she's not beautiful, she is FAKE!!


Ya know what? Kim K. doesn't even look like Kim K., she pays on the regular to change her face and body. The ONLY reality with that family is the fact that none of them especially Kim has their natural born looks. So, yes she's trying to emulate her and that's creepy. But if you get down to it, she just also prefers the nose, lips, boobs, waist, butt and etc. that Kim's bought. #Truth


I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
Watch it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape uncensored

Myla Sinanaj: Obsessed With Kim Kardashian! Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Her!
Seems homemade to me
Good luck!


What the actual fuck


So stupid !!! Why would you like to be like someone else ? Obsessed with Kim ? Why ??? If I would change something, I would like to be as smart as Oprah. I am fluent in 5 languages, and Oprah is not, but she is smart !!! But to be like Kim ????Well, she is pretty, but that is all she is !!! Wake up girl, you can be yourself, and you will be just fine. Use the money for education, to make yourself better.


she is so pathetic and desperate for attention. SHe is so creepy, a Kim K stalker, just like the movie SWF.
I also think she has "fat girl syndrome", an false sense of confidence.
Obviously she is psycho and emotionally not right....what a lazy slob she is. I'd be afraid of her if I was Kim k


Myla already lost. The fact that she is trying to be like Kim, means she won't be successful. I guess Myla doesn't have any friends, because she seems delusional and someone needs to talk to her. If Myla thinks that people believe Vivid Entertainment approached her first, she is an idiot!


Every woman who has plastic surgery has a little something mentally wrong with her...


agree, I find it hard to believe that Vivid approached her...she's such a fat slob. Vivid has their choice of any gorgeous celeb. or wanna-be celeb, and they choose a fat slob? I don't believe they called her, I think she called them and settled for a small amount of cash after begging them to let her do a video. SHe comes across as desperate and pathetic, I really don't think she can make it. She started of on the wrong foot and trying to gain fame on the coat tails of Kim K. Myla, you are a loser


and this is news worthy....WHY?!


filthy ho's

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