Mother Calls 911 on Son, Reports Illegal Alligator in Bathtub

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We suppose this is at least a better reason to call 911 than your cable going out.

A Naples, Florida resident is under arrest today after his mother called the authorities to report that her son was keeping a baby alligator in her bathtub.

Sean Lewis, 45, was reportedly keeping an eye on the creature for a friend and created his own little aquarium in the bathroom, replete with a cinderblock for the animal to lie on and a lightbulb to serve as the sun.

After several days, however, Sean's mother grew irritated by the unwelcome guest and called 911 to have her kid booked on charges of alligator poaching.

You simply must listen to that 911 call in the following video:

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how cant be aligator in Bathtub


......a life Insurance commerial?