Kris Jenner Talk Show: Canceled?

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If this is it for Kris, at least it went out with an adorable bang.

Days after Kris Jenner finally helped the world set its sights of a photo of North West, rumors have surfaced that her talk show has been canceled.

Kris on Kris

Confirming the axing, a source explains:

“Kris did get a ratings bump for her last show when Kanye West revealed the first baby pic of daughter, North West, with Kim. But that was a one time shot in the arm and it wouldn’t be indicative of what the ratings trend would be."

Technically, of course, Kris only signed a deal for a six-week trial run.

So her talk show cannot actually be canceled. Fox affiliates can simply choose not to air any further episodes.

The series itself, meanwhile, sent out a Tweet that denied this is the end for Kris, while also living in a reality in which the program is receiving buzz for the right reasons.

“Rumors flying are false, but glad everyone is still buzzing about our 6 week summer run!!!!” someone behind the show wrote on its official account.

What do you think? Should Kris be picked up?


Kris is a very selfish woman who treated bruce like trash. She didn;t have room for anything he wanted to do. But did a complete remodel for her favorite child Kim. She should be ashamed of how she treats her kids and her other grandkids. Khloe deserves only the best and bruce and his immediate family that Kris treated terrible. Hope her show never goes on again


Daytime TV is STARVED for someone with substance. No more celebrities, no more singles, no more gays with an axe to grind, no more trashy content catering to the lowest denominator. Why not put out a poll asking US, the TV viewers who we would love to watch five days a week? There are a couple of people out there who could be successful, but nobody ever asks us viewers. The TV "experts" sit in a room by themselves and make decisions for the rest of us and we reject them as quickly as they can waste money producing them. ASK US! WE WILL TELL YOU WHO YOUR NEXT HIT TALK SHOW WILL BE!!


Sure hope so.


so the rubbish will be deleted after all?


Question if Fox does give Kris talk show a go,who will watch her show (all her family oh no they will be co-hosting with her everyday)? disgusting #1 I am one who but millions will not tune in to watch. This woman is not for the good of tv but only for her own gain to collect from the Poor fans that support this evil woman who would of course EXPLOIT an innocent baby for Ratings. I guess if Fox approve the name of the show would have to change to NWTTHP because her daddy Kanye West sold her out to the highest bidder after all her grand mama Ninja mommager, kris sad many prayers.

@ curious

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fox? Are you kidding? Listen/ there is no way in HELL that Fox viewers are going to support that Trash even on late night! Their phones would be ringing off the wall.


KARMA, one must be very careful when they attack innocent people in the media and tabloids. God is at hand and is truly handing this situation of a very wicked woman. I pray for all who continue to exploit babies,bribe,etc for their own gain for ratings. Many prayers still going out for Lamar that he trust in GOD not no false Profit that may pretend to be for him/them but have her own agenda of where her next 10% is going to come from. I pray for NWTTHP an innocent baby because of using her pic thinking it was going to push up her RATINGS for her show god stepped in and made it a WRAP(Praise God)the show was so disgusting. I do wish all well but always remember that GOD KNOWS AND SEE EVERYTHING.AMEN! It is not my intentions to insult anyone it is only an opinion.


Bye, bye.


Maybe the attention demanded by this family will die out.

@ robertL

From your mouth to God's ears!


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