Kris Jenner Divorce: Right Around the Corner?!?

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Talk of a Khloe Kardashian divorce is running rampant these days, considering the rumored infidelity and substance abuse problems of husband Lamar Odom.

And if this split does indeed go down, the latest issue of In Touch Weekly claims Khloe won't be the only newly single member of her family: Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner are also allegedly on the outs!

“They can’t hide the truth much longer,” a source tells the tabloid. “After years of fights, cheating allegations and public humiliation, friends confirm the rift in Kris and Bruce’s relationship is deeper than ever - and after 22 years of marriage, divorce is right around the corner.”

This isn't the first time talk of a Kris and Bruce divorce has come up, nor is it the first time In Touch has been at the center of such chatter.

In June, the magazine estimated that over $200 million could be at stake in this major break-up, while Khloe admitted on an appearance with Jay Leno that her step-father actually has his own separate home.

“They’ve had problems for a long time and have been separated for months," according to this new report. "They haven’t slept together in years and pretty much just have a business relationship at this point. Their marriage is over.”

That's too bad. But at least Kris can fall back on her talk show if all else fails... or can she?

The Jenners don't do anything together “unless it’s filmed," concludes this damning cover story. "It’s all fake for the show. They just have nothing in common anymore.”

Double Kardashian Divorce?

Bruce Jenner has completely lost the respect of many people. When I see his two daughters heading right down the same path, as the older K girls, I wonder why would he let that happen? Grow a pair, Bruce.


Is there any end to this family.


With Jenners Olympic accomplishments he was a hero to many. He was someone that proved you could be a role model athlete without having a ball in your hand. He had mountains of talent. To think how he stooped to something so low as to marry into this group of plastic, money grubbing, no talented gypsies ( then breed more) has to be an all time low in his life. How could a guy with so much talent lower his standards to this no standard family. More athletic ability than common sense.

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