Kris and Bruce Jenner: The $200 Million Divorce?

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The tabloids aren't just after the Kardashians this week. They are after their relationships!

First, Star quotes Leyla Ghobadi as saying she totally banged Kanye West when he was with Kim Kardashian.

Now, In Touch Weekly is once again re-igniting the Kris Jenner divorce story, claiming she and Bruce are on the outs - and it'll be one EXPENSIVE breakup.

“There’s a lot of money at stake in this split,” says a family friend to the tabloid, adding that Kris ought to have concerns outside of her fortune:

“Kris has done some pretty horrible things over the years - including cheating on Bruce. He can drop bombshell after bombshell and ruin her. So Kris should be afraid. Very afraid.”

The magazine goes on to detail how Bruce has moved out and bought a place in Malibu, but this is hardly news.

Khloe Kardashian actually told Jay Leno last week that Kris and Bruce live apart. But the tabloid insider says it's not just for a breather, it's for a reason far more serious:

"It’s gotten to a point where he’s accepted this marriage is not working for him."

Jenner Divorce Claim

I think Bruce has just been humiliated by the whole Kardashian family for long enough,He is a decent man, and he deserves better, when I hear how they all speak to him, I cringe. You are worth more than this Bruce, move on and let the Kardashians do what they do best, seeking publicity at any cost.and making a lot of money at the same time, as for Kris, there are no words that I can use here to describe her!! Go for it Bruce.


psssssssss: $198.5 million is missing with these people.


Kris has done nothing but humiliate & emasculate Bruce for a long time. She thinks she is a young sexy party girl & the whole world thinks she is an embarrassing joke. Meanwhile Bruce wanders around the house slumped over & mumbling to himself. He needs to divorce her & get a life of his own. He used to be Bruce Jenner, Olympic medalist who was admired & respected. Now he's just another sad Kardashian man. MOVE ON BRUCE!

@ Gunnergal

Agree with you totally. Bruce needs to take HIS MONEY and move away.


Is this really a shock. That whole facade of an episode about him moving out? This has been coming they are so cold to one another. Any relationship expert could tell you they are a hot mess.

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