Kim Kardashian: Pregnant with Baby #2?!?

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When will we actually see a few Kim Kardashian baby photos?

The new issue of Life & Style makes that question totally irrelevant, instead posing another unexpected one: is Kim Kardashian actually expecting another baby?!?

According to this hilarious cover story, Kim has stunned her friends with a "surprising announcement."

Granted, the magazine doesn't come out and specifically say the reality star is pregnant... but the implication is clear and, come on, has this tabloid ever steered us wrong in the past?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Story

If Kim really is re-knocked up (note: She's not), at least Kanye West is set to make an honest woman out of her.

According to a different tabloid report, a Kimye wedding is totally in the works. Perhaps the third time will be the charm for Kardashian.


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Kim Kardashian: Pregnant with Baby #2?!?
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Have fun


beautiful pic


"make an honest woman out of her" Sorry Kanye..but we all know you cant turn a Hoe into a housewife.LoL .


Didn't she say she never wanted to be pregnant again or?...
Don't worry, be happy!


If she is im happy for her...everyone wants to predict her future bit shes happy so lets all be happy for her and just leave them alone amd let them enjoy their new bundle of joy ..wouldnt u want the just saying


If she is it must be the orderlys cause Frigga K, ain't been around enough to poke the cow!


Who cares?


Having worked in a hospital, I have had the great misfortune to walk into a room on the Obstetrics floor and the new mom and pop were going for kiddo #2 just hours after kiddo #1 was born. And sure enough, they were back 8.5 months later. Frankly, if Ho-Ho is knocked up again, so what. She has all the nannies and housekeepers money can buy. She can just keep popping 'em out every 9 months. Maybe she can give Octo-mom a run for her money or try and take over from the Duggers.

@ Sierra

I find that whole gross scenario hard to believe. There were no nurses or staff around to tell this couple it was not o.k. to have sex in a maternity ward? Would a mother of several hrs.really want this after eons of yukky labour? Nevermind it being absolutely forbidden by her Dr.Sorry, I think you made this up so you could say that Kim is probably a horndog like this one.This is a gossip site, not science fiction.
Speaking of gossip, that's really all I've read about KK.Like why would you even think she'd want that after that miserable pregnancy? Did you not know that
almost all celebrities,even Beyonce, have nannies?She's also got way more money than all the K's.She's not very bright so since everyone thinks Kim is so spun,, why not rip lucky, rich,well connected 'B' to shreds? Maybe cause the Hollywood G. doesn't dare fabricate stories with 'Anonymous Sources' about Her.No-one knows what is going with Kim.Gee, maybe she's looking after her baby! At least she didn't Fake her Pregnancy.

@ Sierra

😂😆😹😴@sierra. Keep on having babies more babies she have the more she will get from that beast that is getting her pregnant. Mo Money Mo Money. She is not stupid when it comes to money.


That's one way to avoid losing all that weight.


She wasn't thrilled to be pregnant the first time around doubt she would do it again this soon. Guess since she appears to be under house arrest has to keep in the news. See where Kris taking on the Oresident...drama mama

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