Kim Kardashian Baby Pictures: How Will They Be Released?

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North West may almost be here, folks.

Photos of North West, that is, as a new report suggests that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are nearing a decision on just how to present their daughter to the world for the first time.

Kimye Holding Hands

Sources tell TMZ that it's true: Kim and Kanye turned down a tabloid offer of $3 million in exchange for the initial set of North West pics.

They also contemplated selling the images and donating all money to charity, as Brangelina once did.

Instead, however, Kardashian and West have decided on one of two routes for their baby photo debut:

  1. A classy spread in a respected publication such as Vanity Fair.
  2. A social media release along the lines of how Beyonce and Jay-Z introduced fans to Blue Ivy.

Which will the couple choose? When will we actually get to see the baby? Why does anyone possibly care?

Stay tuned for least answers to at least two of those questions!


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Kim Kardashian Baby Pictures: How Will They Be Released?
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