Kendall Jenner Bikini Pic: Look at My Butt!

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Another day, another Kendall Jenner bikini photo.

The 17-year old reality star took to Instagram once again this week and posted an artistic, intimate shot of her rear end, leaving not a great deal to the imagination of followers around the Internet.

See for yourself:

Kendall Jenner Butt Pic

Should Jenner really continue to reveal herself in such a manner online? Is this appropriate for a teenager?

Are we crazy to ask such questions when Kylie Jenner just celebrated her 16th birthday with multiple parties and a gift bag that included $150,000 worth of swag for every single attendee?

Tough questions. But time for you to answer: Should a 17-year old be releasing these types of pictures?


In a word -- YES!!! Her body is AMAZING!!!


n-loving white dude wants to see your ass let alone stick it,give her a couple years and she'll be sh!tting out a halfrican kid for her sloot mother to exploit


Teens everywhere "reveal" themselves. I see pictures like this on instagram EVERYDAY! The only reason she is put to fire is because she is famous. Keep in mind she is still a teenager. It's her life. Teens will make mistakes. But this isn't some huge life changing mistake. It's a freaking picture. And all you adults don't pretend like you haven't taken a picture in your bikinis as a child. Get over it and stop scrutinizing a 17 year old. Jeez. Btw this was written from a 14 year old perspective. Don't dare tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.


By the way, she's 16, not 17.


No. Where is her dad? This usually doesn't happen when dads are in the home. Oh that's right, he moved out so Kim's baby daddy could move in. This family is a train wreck!


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she skipped High School again?

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