Kate Middleton Attends First Post-Baby Event, Looks So Good It's Unfair

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Suffice it to say, new motherhood agrees with Kate Middleton.

Earlier this week, fans got our their look at her post-baby body weight loss, and it basically looks as if she never had a baby, much less just five weeks ago.

Now, for an encore, she attended her first public event since welcoming Prince George into the world, and was radiant as ever with husband William:

On Friday, the duo attended the Ring O'Fire Ultra Marathon in Anglesey, Wales, and were all smiles as they mingled with well-wishers before the race.

"Both looked genuinely happy to be there," an onlooker said of Prince William and Kate Middleton. "There was lots of laughter from the new parents."

"Many locals thanked them for being there."

The Duke of Cambridge was at the event to announce the start of the annual 135-mile coastal race, which takes place over three days around Anglesey.

Kate was not initially scheduled to accompany him, but sources say she wanted to "pop along" to show her gratitude for all the support she has received.

Casually clad in black skinny jeans, a polka-dot top, and a green blazer, the new mom looked beautiful as she made her way through the crowd.

Almost as effortlessly as her weight loss.

She has "hardly done anything to lose the weight," says a source. Kate's still breastfeeding, and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off."

"She's not dieting."

To be so lucky ...


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K-Trash tried to Buddy Up to the Duchess / sent her a bunch of her ''designer'' clothes, and was soundly rejected as all low class interlopers are.


Don't understand why people compare the Duchess to Kim K? Not only are they an ocean apart, but their lifestyles are worlds apart. Although Kanye sees himself as some sort of royalty, which is rather pathetic.

@ Spare+me

First off, Kanye doesn't think of himself as royalty. He thinks of himself as a God. Regardless to whoever you feel personally about the man, He is an important part of Popculture. And He does have the money to back it up. So there ya go! Haters be damned.

@ Passerby

Well... I will be happy to tell you how I feel about him and will also Spreaaaaaaaaaaad a little about the being an important part of Pop Culture. #1 Making money does not a man make and it damn sure doesn't make him important. Do you think he is important? I've got an idea, why don't you turn off the TV- walk outside and see just what an impact he has on any small town in America! Not Dick does he have! If he is that important then why don't we put the Drug Cartel on a pedistal, maybe we could parade Donald trump around on a float or at the very fucking least name a National Holiday after Kim Kardashian . The pop culture is famous for doing anything to get attention. That means they will they can make an ass out of themselves by jerking a microphone out of Taylor Swifts hand or maybe they can masturbate on National TV with a "Foam finger" or they can bless us all for their LONG AWAITED political views on OBAMACARE or some other shit of the likes and God knows we cant get enough of that! Pop Culture is the very thing that "SHIT BRAINS" the youth and the recovery rate runs just 2nd to stage 2 cancer. He may have the money to back it ( whatever it is your impressed) up but he will never have enough money to by a freaking ounce of class. #2 I would have more respect for any and every fucking working stiff be it a Fry Cook or a Dog catcher. I wonder about anyone who would speak well of this lock jawed, half bad wanna be thug. I don't give a fiddlers fuck how many records he sells, he can't step up for anything that has REAL substance in society. #3 how in the hell can anyone admire anything in regards to pop culture. Ohhhh I'll be damned if I will ever be impressed by anything this MF'er does.

@ Passerby

Auto Tune is not Art.

@ Ken1

Neither is being an egocentric asshole, but that not stopping him from getting paid now is it.


...........americans can't deal role models like Kate?


Do some REAL WORK waity , we r tired of hearing about ur anorexic self all the time!!


Do some REAL WORK waity , we r tired of hearing about ur anorexic self all the time!!


Its called NOT being a Kardashian

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