Emilia Clarke to Star in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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Another day, another Fifty Shades of Grey cast rumor.

This one may be better received than most, however.

The latest gossip is that the Fifty Shades of Grey producers' favorite choice for Anastasia Steele is none other than Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

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According to MTV UK, Cara Delevingne auditioned for the role, but didn't win it (though she is reportedly still in the running for other parts in the film).

Emilia, meanwhile, has emerged as a real contender.

She has as big a fan base as other actresses who have been linked to the role - Dakota Johnson, Alicia Vikander, Imogen Poots, Shailene Woodley, etc.

Other fan picks include Alexis Bledel and Lucy Hale, but we don't expect they'll get a serious look. Clarke, on the other hand, may have the look and the chops.

The main problem with Emilia, 26, might be scheduling conflicts, since she's currently working on a movie called Rosaline on top of Game of Thrones.

What do you think: Should she play Ana?


Yes please!


If the rumor is true then they've probably already met with her about it and taken scheduling into consideration. Rosaline isn't even filming right now and prob won't until next yr. She starts GoT in Sept but her part, while important, is noticeably smaller than others, it may not be that conflicting. It looks like FSoG will be starting later this fall rather than earlier, at this point, so surely it can work out. I think she def needs to be Ana!


Absolutely! The other girls listed here don't even compare to Emilia! They are so wrong for Ana whereas Emilia is the model image of her. They'd be making a wise choice if this is true. She is still not a household name, but is popular enough to bring in a big crowd. A lot of fans will be happy with Emilia cast as Ana, no doubt!


..............that's why the red dress, MORONS!!



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