Dwyane Wade Ebony Cover Honors Trayvon Martin

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Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is honoring slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin again, this time posing with his two young sons in hoodies on the cover of Ebony.

Dwyane Wade Ebony Cover

Wade has been outspoken throughout the complex, polarizing case that recently ended with the even more controversial George Zimmerman verdict.

He wrote messages on his shoes in honor of Martin when the story first gathered attention in 2012, and organized a team photo of the Heat in hoodies.

Wade is one of Ebony's four cover photos. The others include Spike Lee and his son, actor Boris Kodjoe and his son, and Martin's parents and brother.

The magazine's upcoming issue features an examination by the three prominent celebrities on how they "approach the topic of racism with their sons."

"As a mother of a young black boy, the tragedy of Trayvon Martin affected me deeply," Ebony editor-in-chief Amy Barnett said in a statement.

"We simply cannot allow the conversations on this issue to come to a standstill."

Do you agree? And what do you think of Dwyane Wade posing with his two little boys, Zion and Zaire, on the cover? Share your comments with us below ...


I'm sorry the dad and mom I hope find some more clues to the cause .


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Honor him? Did I miss something? How about taking the time & invest in the crime rate among black males, that could be a huge benifit to all of us. How about throwing a shout out to the white 13 yr. old who got attacked on the bus by 3 blacks who were just around trayvons age. That could be beneficial! All this honoring someone who by all rights attacked Zimmerman (at least that's what the jury said) instead of glorifying this. Another way of saying that all is well with the violence in America. Honor him? You have got to be shitting me! grieving is one thing but honor? Did ebony say that effected her deeply? I'm guessing the hundreds of youth in Chicago not to mention the kids under double digits in age murdered --- & that didn't do it? Why don't you people milk this shit for all it's worth, that way it will give you a distraction from your own B on B violence! Freaking Honor my ass.

@ Stan

Wow just when you think racist may finally be coming to a stop you get asshole like this . You should be ashamed of yourself for not only making comments like this but even thinking it . Have respect a family is grieving for loss the their son to such a terrible crime . Zimmerman try to play god and take actions in his own hands . There will be a time we all have to face judgement you need to love all people .

@ Amanda

Put the bottle down! This is not late night TMZ. Sell that BS to somebody else. You can spin it all you want. To honor him is ridiculous. Next you will be saying, honor the 3 that attacked the white kid on the bus. There is a message that should be delivered- stop the violence. Hoodie? Does your ignorant as know exactly how the hoodie thing came about? The 911 Dispatcher ASKED- what was he wearing and then Zimmerman told the dispatcher! All this National Hoodie shit! You people are freakibg idiots! Clean up your own races crime! You are not going to get ANY ANY ANY ANY sympathy by spinning this HORSESHIT THE WAY YOU WANT IT! OKAY?

@ Stan

you aint nothing but a racist redneck...

@ chocolate creme


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