Chris Brown Rips "Racist" DA, "Bitchass" Legal System Over Community Service Ruling

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Chris Brown is far from pleased about being forced to 1,000 additional hours of community service at his last court hearing, and is taking to Twitter to vent.

Chris Brown RAGE!
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Brown, whose probation had been revoked after he was accused of hit-and-run accident this summer, had it reinstated after the case was dismissed.

However, he was given 1,000 more hours of community labor after the D.A. found discrepancies in records detailing the time he (allegedly) put in so far.

He kept quiet for a few days, but apparently listening to Alanis Morissette wasn't enough soothe him, as he unloaded on the D.A. and more last night.

Brown tweeted, "Ni--a done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist ass crying to the judge that I didn't do it. F--k the SYSTEM!"

"How about y'all take care of all the homeless kids and families on skid row. Promote helping people that are really f--ked up in your city!"

"Family first! The LAW... last," Brown added. "I paint pics of monsters because its a reflection of u bitchass ni--as and this bitchass system!"


Chris, even by his volatile standards, was said to be struggling with the community service ruling and the "non-stop negativity" he feels from people.

He reportedly told his attorney out loud in court, "I understand. I understand. I am going to say whatever I want to. It's how I feel. I don't care."

Chris' lawyer blasted the D.A. for questioning the legitimacy of his client's community service in Virginia, but a judge clearly agreed with the D.A.

Basically, the 1,000 hours he said he put in already thrown out, but he wasn't thrown in jail for violating probation either; Brown was given a do-over.

Whatever he says or thinks, the 24-year-old must complete those 1,000 hours before his probation is scheduled to end one year from this Sunday.

He has the option of taking part in beach cleanup, highway cleanup, general maintenance or (ironically for the talented wall artiste) graffiti removal.

Miraculously, the Twitter tirade is still live as of this morning. Here's a broader encapsulation of Chris' ramblings ... share your comments on them below!

CB Tweets Tirade

He a pussy, if he a man and is talking shit about his sentence why didn't talk shit in front of the judge, because he a pussy that likes to beat on women??


Boo Hoo Hoo. Gimme a fucking break!!!!! That judge needs to grow some goddamn BALLS and throw Chris Brown's stupid and lowlife ass in jail and/or prison. Case closed.


Well now, I can guarantee if a white guy made these remarks to a black DA, they would be called "racist". Such a double standard for blacks to be able to spew their hatred and filth filled speech to anyone they want to. Rot in hell CB, you're an abuser with no talent and need to be in prison.


Not surprised he didn't get up in court and spout this crap. He's not that stupid. His dumb ass would have been behind bars in a heart beat. Now he can play the race card and the freedom of speech card. Sure his fans are impressed as they have stood with him no matter what he does. These are the ones beating their girl friends and thinking they are cool.


He will be in prison soon

@ JoeyMo

Hell yeah, dude!!!!! Prison...which is EXACTLY where that punk-ass dip-shit Chris Brown needs to be. Period.


Leave him alone

@ althea

Race card althea? Pigs belong together, let him do some hard time.


Yeah, it was cuz he is black. You got arrested after beating up a girl because you are black. You got picked on for throwing shit out of a network studio window because you are black. Yep, you caught on to our giant racist conspiracy. It took decades of planning but, ha ha, we got ya. To Whom It May Concern; I officially declare today the last day that the race card can be used. Yes, tomorrow they all expire so, blame White people for all of your problems while you still have the chance, because tomorrow is national get-over-it-day and all future attempts to incite racial hatred under the guise of racial equality will be null and void. Sincerely,
Whitey McCracker




A typical black racist bitch! Just like ALL BLACKS he screams racism after he gets caught screwing up! Anyone that would brag on him and not speak of his racism is just like him! What a piece of trash he is. He is not worth a shit as an entertainer.

@ Sims

ah so you know ALL Black people in the world? Stereotyping an entire race just because oh wait Chris Brown called the DA racist is ridiculous.
Ah and his comment is not racist (look up the word before using it), it's not even stereotyping a race of people unlike yours.

@ TennisAddict

It's a he'll of a lot more than that and u no it.

@ Sims

do you know what ALL means? That is the problem I have with your comment. Black is not limited to the US, and even in the US it's not ALL


You don't have to take that, Chris - Punch that bitch in the mouth . . .

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