Chris Brown Rep Blames Seizure on Legal Woes, "Nonstop Negativity"

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We have an update on Chris Brown.

According to a representative for the singer, Chris did suffer a seizure yesterday... and it's all the fault of non-Teem Breezy members!

Someone in the artist's camp tells TMZ that Brown was felled by a "nonepileptic" seizure, which made headlines Friday when it was first reported.

The 24-year-old star recovered quickly, however, and refused medical assistance at the scene when EMTs arrived at his Hollywood recording studio.

What brought on the incident?

It was triggered by "intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress ... both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity."

Seriously. It's the haters' fault. All the haters.

People have GOT to stop being so critical of Brown bludgeoning Rihanna, then showing little remorse years later, while proving time and again that he has major anger issues.

Criticism of Chris is giving the guy seizures!

On the legal side, he is being sued by a woman who alleged he assaulted her at a nightclub ... and his probation was revoked due to a hit and run accident.

He also hinted a few days ago that he may quit music after his next album because he's tired of being famous for something he did four and a half years ago.

For the guy's own health, that sounds like a terrific idea.


Get out of the business and social media if you can't handle the stress??

Kellie m

Looks like a little karma is catching up to Chris. It is funny that his rep is blaming this on nonstop negativity....yeah...HIS OWN.


Chris you are Amazing. Keep your Head up God is working on you don't. Let the Devils still your joy you worry. To much God got you when you call on his name and keep praying. It will pass
Get Well Be Blessed


Get used to it, buddy!


who exactly is this black little cockroach.


of course, it's alway's someone else its fault.


24 time to grow up and get a clue.


Karma's a bitch!


"Intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress", you say, Chris? And whose fault is that, dude? Grow up.


oh Boohoo Chris , grow some would ya!


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