Bigfoot Sightings in Canada: Real or Fake?

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Bigfoot is once again back in the news, thanks to two new videos from British Columbia, Canada, that allegedly capture the hairy creature in action.

The first video (left) shows what certainly looks like a giant, ape-like creature ambling through a forest, just a little bit too far away to be seen clearly.

The second (right) appears to show a group of Chinese tourists in Mission, B.C., taking photos of a large ape-like figure creeping through the trees.

The videos, dated July 18 and 24, came to light after Canadian app Legend Tracker put out a request for videos of Bigfoot and his mythical brethren.

The legend continues ... though if that's a hoax, it's a good one.

You tell us, THGers ... Bigfoot: Real or fake?


you r all fake and bigfoot is too




The only way you can become sure they exist is to see one yourself. I had the good fortune to see one clearly as it popped out the bush and onto the road after i had driven by it. Saw it in the rearview mirror and my mother and i got out and watched it for over 30 seconds. when it finally moved it was a blur so i know it was not a hoaxer. covered 25 feet and a ditch to get back to the bush in two strides. Thought we had seen a gorilla escaped from a zoo but later came to realize what we had seen


This bigfoot looks real!!


Saw it on local news, get your story straight


68% of the people voting are total morons. Look, if scientists can identify a specific type of blowfish that lives 2 miles deep in the ocean you would think we they would have identified a giant ape like creature in Canada by now. If Bigfoot is real then why hasn't any person in history ever come up with any bones? When a bigfoot dies do they just disappear like Yoda in Return of the Jedi?

@ Hellion

To answer your question about where the bones go. Have you ever walked into the woods to find a bear skeleton? How about coyote? Deer? Im a bigfoot researcher from ohio and me and my boyfriend found a deer carcass in the woods. It had a broken neck and no other wounds (we cut the neck open to verify a broken neck) we came back once a week to video the decomposition of the carcass and by week 4 there was nothing left ....not even the bones! Circle of life my friend. Between vultures and coyotes and other scavengers as small as beetles had it gone. And there are speculations that the sas bury their dead. Is this true? Idk tbh cause all we have to go on is eye whitnesses accounts and the very select few videos and pictures that arent blurry or hoaxed. If you want to learn more about this creature or even debate your non belief of it. Come visit our group on facebook called the ohio bigfoot hunters where we have ppl who have seen it including myself and my boyfriend who run the group! Happy day to you sir

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