Amanda Zuckerman: Big Brother Contestant Under Fire For Racist Comments

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Yes, someone else was racist on Big Brother.

The dishonor this time belongs to Amanda Zuckerman, who showed her true colors (so to speak) after an altercation with competitor Candice Stewart.

Amanda, one of the most powerful people in the Big Brother house (and with the ego to go with it), had it out with Candice, one of the least powerful.

Their argument was built on a foundation of ongoing drama, but culminated in Amanda yelling at Candice: “That’s the Shaniqua coming out of you, I guess!”

As if the implications of that comment weren't obvious, or in case you thought she didn't care, Amanda followed that up with: “Am I racist now? I’m racist now.”

Who would have guessed Spencer Clawson joking about child porn would have competition for most cringe-worthy moment of the week on Big Brother?

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Amanda is going to say that she was only playing her game and normally on the outside she is a very respectful girl.


I never posted on this but after this last showing how Amanda use abuse ,bullying, name calling, and most importantly using racists remarks should have had her taken off the show . I find it quite interesting that she NEVER one anything on this show but as soon as her notify goes up she wins and takes him off? Smh... I find it highly suspicious and yet her bullying continue. If she wins then we all know this has been fixed cause devil looking ads should have been kicked off.


They have taken what is a good show and ruined it. Production fixes it so that their chosen person wins and they put a bunch of entitled, ignorant brats in the house. Pick normal people and let the game play out without interference. I love the show, but the fact that it isn't even real and production seems to love these racist morons ruins the show.


Awful awful season. End the show. The houseguests are pathetic. Amanda Zuckerman is sociopath who should be tossed off the show along with Spence. His disgusting remarks make me want to puke. I could go on and on. The other two pieces of work should go as well.


Cbs knows they rigged this whole game and it sucks why cant they play a real honest game for god sakes. If Amanda wins i will never watch this game again.


Amanda will never get fired or kicked off because this whole show Is FIXED! amanda is friends with a CBS producer Allison Grodner. She's already been pre-selected as the BB winner.


CBS as a long time viewer I must say this is the worst BB yet. You got rasicist, drug addicts. porn talkers, nasty trashy people in there. By far Elissa is the only decent person in that house. Amanda strips all the time GM mentally unstable, trashy mouth rascist. I would give the money to charity and call it a year. You have lost alot of viewers for letting his go on. Please step up and get these people out of the house.


cbs wow those hgs are terrible this is the most terrible bb i have ever watched and amanda i wish she would jump in my face she would not jump again she is a bully with a BIG mouth i love for bullies to bother me


Your kind?? Please, explain.


Yeah, this is all disgusting, apparently bb has everyone check their morals, dignity, awareness, even good game play at the door. Big brother, CBS, I'm so embarrassed for you. There's only two or three house guests left that I have any hope for, morally speaking. The thought of handing the others prize money ...ugh, NETWORK FAIL!!!