The Bachelorette Recap: Who Will It Be Now?

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Tonight's the night! Errr, sort of.


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    If Brooks comes back and Des takes him... Yikes. What a lousy taste in men!


    Two months is NOT enough to fall in love, especially if Des makes out with more than one guy in a day/night or probably even an hour. Gross !


    I would rather marry a sensitive, sweet, compassionate, quietly confident man like Drew who may get teased for being gay, than to marry a male Neatherthal!


    How about this? Brooks IS NOT gay, Des is not stupid, Criss and Drew will have no problem finding love because they are a great catch and YES straight! Brooks seems to me like an intelligent man afraid of admitting he was falling in love with a girl who is openly dating other guys. He played it safe because he did not know her true feelings for him, I don't blame Drew for not jumping on the posibility of been rejected in front of millions of people. Brooks will return and Des will take him back, I wish them well. Now, put that in your juice box and sock it!


    It seems like she was connected a little more to Chris than to Drew! I think she should choose Chris, and give there relationship a little more time to grow by dating and having more time to really get to know each other! Who knows they just may be the ones to really stick together!


    What happened to James?
    That's it for me


    it goes to show you, Brooks will never be the right one for Desiree. He has never professed his love and if he does later its a "mercy" love and will be forced. Desiree will always be second in his life as he only sees it one way....Brooks is #1 in Brooks life.....


    crazy ending... Very unfair for Des. However he is honest and was a man to tell her before the end. Sorrrry


    I think if she picks anyone, I'd feel bad for the person she picks. She clearly stated she's been in love with brooks and he's been the front runner the entire time. She even said its over for me, Again it would not be fair to the man she picks, hes always going to know he wasn't her first pick!


    She needs to take Zak back. He REALLY Loves her yet and they made a great pair.

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