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For the second time on his current tour, Justin Bieber’s bus has been raided a drug paraphernalia has been discovered.

In April, the singer’s vehicle was stopped and searched by authorities, who found marijuana on board but could not connect it to any single individual and therefore no charges were filed.

Last night, meanwhile, the bus was halted at the border between Michigan and Canada, with Chief Customs and Border Protection Officer Ken Hammond telling TMZ that a dog sniffed out the illegal substances inside.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

Bieber was not on board at the time of the search.

The drugs and the equipment were seized and the driver was issued a citation, but all passengers were allowed to proceed without any further sanctions.

In March, Rihanna’s tour bus was pulled over for the same reason at the same location, the Ambassador Bridge, which separates Windsor, Canada and Detroit.

It’s unlikely Justin will comment on the latest incident involving his brush with the law, but it will still throw wood on the fire for critics around the nation. Most recently, Sharon Osbourne slammed the singer for thinking he’s black.