The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Gretchen Proposes!

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Another week, another episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County! Just what Monday night needs, right?

"The Time Is Now" for Gretchen and Slade as the buxom blonde will propose to her beau (finally)! And Vicki will make a surprising announcement about Brooks. But not before she can receive a new nickname, of course.

Let's get rolling with our THG +/- recap!

Winter Wonderland

Vicki's having Lydia and Alexis over to show them the new un-Donn'ed house. Vicki's thinking of having a party to show everyone the new house. But she's going to have a Winter Wonderland party outside. To show off the inside of the house. Okay.

Lydia says she feels like she likes Slade and then he talks and she doesn't like him anymore. Plus 3.

Slade's pulling his old tricks again and talking about Vicki on his radio show. Her new nickname is "Tupperware Face." Immediately upon hearing it, Alexis tells Vicki to turn the radio show off. Smart, Alexis! Plus 2.

Vicki plans to invite Slade to her party anyway just so she can call him out on his latest antics.

At Casa Dubrow, Terry calls a family meeting. They need to tell the kids that they're building a new house. Nicky isn't a fan at first, but then Terry tells him they can build a bigger movie theater and he's on board. Plus 10.

At the radio station, Slade's co-host plays the "perfect" song for him. She pushes play and Gretchen's song begins to play. At first he doesn't know what's going on but by the time the song hits the bridge, he's crying, his cohost is crying, and it's a little dusty in my living room. Plus 50.

Slade Smiley Crying

While Slade's being song-bombed in his studio, Gretchen's busy setting up an engagement party for him. The party looks way more like it's for Gretchen than for Slade, but hey, everybody loves a party. Plus 5.

Gretchen pulled out all the stops for this engagement. She sent a tux and a limo to his office, scheduled a helicopter ride, planned the party. Oh, and the song. 

She didn't invite any of the ladies to the party. Vicki hates Gretchen and Slade, she's been on the outs with Alexis for a year, she and Tamra are in a rough patch, and now Heather's talking smack about her acting gigs. 

Poor Gretch. At least she'll get the guy.

She sits down with her mom and has a heart to heart about her past relationships. They've all ended in tragedy so she's a little scared of the next step with Slade.

Mom gives her stamp of approval on Slade. Plus 4.

As the helicopter lands, Slade catches site of Gretchen and Gretchen catches sight of Slade. They're both crying. 

She makes an amazing speech, the smartest, most eloquent thing Gretchen has ever said in maybe her whole life. It's so incredibly sweet. Plus 50.

Before giving an answer, Slade gets down on one knee, apparently not realizing that the proposal already happened and he wasn't the one to issue it. Whatever. He says yes. Plus 20.

Gretchen Proposes to Slade

Tamra and Eddie are ready to sell memberships to CUT Fitness even though the gym isn't open yet.

Alexis, who was kicked out of the studio once upon a time, is the first to show up and be welcomed into it. Plus 12.

Back at the hotel, Gretchen and Slade enter the party and are greeted by their family and closest friends. Slade's mom welcomes Gretchen to the family. So does Slade's son Gavin, who sounds exactly like his father. Plus 8.

Gretchen gives another little speech and welcomes her friends from high school and college and now and then welcomes their family.

Vicki's setting up for her Winter Wonderland party but tells her decorators and crew to scale it back. She wanted a Mediterranean Winter Wonderland. She's shouting about the "bitches" who are arriving in an hour. Minus 12.

She wants no drama at her party. Good luck.

Ryan's back in town so he gets his honey-do list: fix the fridge, fix the water heater, take out the trash. He declines. 

Tamra and Eddie arrive first and Tamra's excited to meet Baby Troy. Baby Troy's excited to make a poop in his diaper. 

As a housewarming present, Tamra brought Vicki a BFF frame with a picture of the two of them in it. A not terribly flattering photo, but a photo. Plus 3.

There is much SQUEEing as the rest of the group arrives. Tamra's surprised to see Jim arrive with Alexis. Never seeing Jim ever would be great, so I feel you, Tamra.

Lydia believes people should whisper the word "magical." Minus 4. Hey, Lydia. Stop eating your mom's brownies. 

While the ladies are sitting around, Vicki announces that Brooks is back and Tamra's visibly unhappy. Briana doesn't know yet and Tamra previews the giant problem Vicki's going to have when Briana finds out. 

Tamra changes the subject and announces that she and Eddie have a wedding date set. Then talk turns to Gretchen just as Gretchen and Slade walk in the door.

Next week's finale is going to be...a lot of Vicki screaming like Vicki screams. Can't wait!


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