Documents Detail Teresa Giudice Fraud, Hidden Assets, Sheer Idiocy

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As previously reported, Teresa Giudice really might go to jail for purposely misleading the court in her recent bankruptcy filing.

Now, new details have emerged regarding just how this Real, Moronic Housewife and her husband hid assets from the government.

The Giudices

In court documents filed last week, attorney Roberta A. DeAngelis claims that the Giudices hid $250,000 in assets when they filed for Chapter 7 in October.

Most of this amount allegedly stems from the advance Teresa received for her cookbook, Skinny Italian; while the couple also failed to claim ownership of an online boutique called TG Fabulicious, in addition to Joe's 1601 Maple Avenue Associates, LLC.

For those interested in the legal language, the objection reads:

"To date, the Defendants have not filed amended schedules that disclose the existence of the book 'Skinny Italian,' the publishing deal with Hyperion, Defendant wife's ownership of TG Fabulicious, LLC, or Defendant husband's ownership of 1601 Maple Avenue Associates, LLC."

The reality star has acknowledged receiving the book advance, but her legal team never updated its court records, a necessity when an individual files for bankruptcy.

Laughing off this accusation, and referring to yourself as an established star, won't get you off the hook time time, Teresa.


When material things are more important to you than common decency you end up like Teresa. I've never in my 45 yrs of life come across anyone like her. It's one thing to constantly brag on yourself and talk about how great you are, that's just annoying. But to do it when she obviously has so many problems herself is pathetic. Before trying to pull the splinter out of someone else's eye, get the 2x4 out of yours!!


And who pays for their bankruptcy? We do, the taxpayers. She lives in a $5 million dollar mansion, take that to help pay off her debt. She says she's a lady and quote "ain't I nice". Did she finish 5th grade, because she definitely isn't smarter than a 5th grader.


this photograph is very bad, i think the strain is getting to her. you cannot be continuously so cruel and not begin to have it show up on your face. she needs to go hide on an island somewhere with her kids and regroup.


PS haha I love what Giagia said too, that is great. Love it.


Good, she is stupid and really mean. She acts like she is such a bully to Daniel lets see how she can hold up in jail. haha Stupid rich people think they can get away with everything and sad part is, she just might.


I hope she does get thrown in jail. She and her "juicy" husband Joe have been ripping off people and getting away with it for far too long. She is delusional if she actually believes she is a STAR, TRAINWRECK is more of an appropriate title for Teresa. White trash trying desperately to look rich. They should NOT be given special treatment because she is on a TV show. These two are STEALING and need to pay the price.


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