Tara Reid: FIRED From Sharknado Sequel?

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With a Sharknado sequel already in the works, Tara Reid is down to reprise her role in the follow-up to this month's so-bad-it's-amazing Syfy movie hit.

Whether she's even asked to is a different matter, however.

Tara Reid in Sharknado Picture

Producers had a meeting last week to discuss plans for the New York-based Sharknado sequel, and they are drawing up a wish list of actors.

They want Ian Ziering back from the original and ... that's it.

Tara played the estranged wife of shark-slaughtering Ian - he killed a ton! - in the movie and even survived a massive shark attack in her own home.

Despite that feat, rumor has it that she's out of the mix.

Zeiring and Reid made $50,000 apiece, reportedly, for Sharknado, and he would likely be due a raise if he's asked to sign on and he's available.

We're going to guess that he is ... just a shot in the dark.

What should they call the Sharknado sequel?

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they will go for a HOT girl now?

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