Spencer Clawson, Big Brother 15 Cast Member, Probably Getting Fired Soon

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Spencer Clawson is the latest Big Brother 15 cast member to face the real world fallout from racist and homophobic slurs made on the show's live feeds.

Union Pacific railroad, which employs him as a conductor, says:

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"The values represented by Spencer Clawson's comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific's values."

"Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments."

It seems unlikely that he'll be paid by them again after this.

Clawson was recently seen/heard on Big Brother cameras calling a gay houseguest "Kermit the F**" ... and praising Adolf Hitler as a "gifted speaker."

UP continued its statement by saying that it is currently "acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson."

Basically, they're exploring their options regarding his termination.

A group of cast members on BB15 have been under scrutiny since being overheard bashing fellow contestants on the live, uncensored, online feeds.

CBS edits the thrice-weekly broadcasts, but the feeds are as-is.

Clawson isn't alone in this predicament. GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries have already lost their day jobs due to racist comments they made on the show.


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This is the worst cast ever on Big Bro. None of these people are appealing and they seem to get uglier every week. I'll stop watching. Hope you don't bing them back for ANYTHING


GinaMarie is obnoxious witch for telling Candice her mother didn't want her because she put get up for adoption. Then how she acted when Candace was living. No class. I would not want her influencing my about anything. She deserved to be fired.


Wow. Whatever. We all have our stupid moments. Being drunk or anything. We make mistakes. What only makes it different is he is on tv..

Miranda meehan

Hack journalism meant to garner attention. Nothing his employer said even implies they are considering firing him.


How dare he.my God the horrors the jewish people went through,for this jerk to say hitler is anything but a monster.I'm prayen he's fired.mabey more people watch what they say


Spencer has also continuously referred to several female cast members as c**ts and bitches. He displays clearly mysoginist beliefs against women which is also another form of racism. CBS should remove these people from the broadcasts immediately.


To me, that Spencer Clawson dude looks like a mass murderer!!!!! Also, those Big Brother producers are fucking idiots for allowing Spencer, GinaMarie and Aaryn to continue to compete/live in the BB house. But, then again...Big Brother reminds me of a lot of other reality shows...ANYTHING FOR RATINGS!!!!! Manipulative jackasses.


I have no comment beyond this, but ... um ... Adolf Hitler WAS a "gifted speaker." Denying this is a distortion of the truth, and history, and only serves to further the chances of this type of speak to have the same impact on society today as it did in the past.

@ John

Agreed 100%. Spencer has said some pretty disgusting things, but acknowledging a fact of history is not included in those IMO. Nor does it make him a Nazi. It just means he was paying attention in history class.

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