Sarah Palin to Run For U.S. Senate?

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Sarah Palin says she is considering a run for U.S. Senate in 2014.

Alaska's most high-profile Republican says a lot of things for attention, obviously, but this opportunity seems both within reach and winnable for her.

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The 2008 GOP V.P. candidate has been buzzed about as a challenger for Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, who upset Ted Stevens in the 2008 election.

Sarah Palin told Fox News Tuesday that she's considering a run because so many people have asked her to, but she also said she's not deciding yet.

She added she's waiting to see who will enter the Senate race and hoping there "will be some new blood, new energy" from the GOP candidate pool.

Palin recently returned to Fox News as a paid commentator, while Alaska Republicans have two candidates so far in Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller.

Miller won the 2010 GOP primary against Sen. Lisa Murkowski only to lose to her in the general election as she mounted a historic write-in campaign.

It's unclear if Sarah Palin could clear the field by jumping in, or whether she'd be willing to find out, but as always, we'll stay tuned - just like she wants.

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she doesn't take any of Obungles sh-t,and the left can't handle that,,,so they smear her.Granted her family is overexposed but Sarah and Michelle Bachman,Ann Coulter etc intimidate silly liberal women who have no arguments on anything and who run around thinking Obungle is a prince and can do no wrong-aka useless n-lover wh-res,,,truth hurts doesn't it hoes?


Why is Sarah Palin even still spewing her hateful brand of bigotry she calls politics? Since she quit her post in Alaska, she hasn’t run for public office but acts like a politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...


Insecure libs are intimidated by conservative,white pussy....nuff said,

@ Hot Rod

Sarah Palin is a complete joke with her families "Reality" shows and her feuds with Levi Johnston. She's a hot mess Dude.


Insecure libs are intimidated by conservative,white pussy....nuff said,


Oh, Hell No.


.....shall we move to Alaska, folks?


Good she can quit that position when she gets bored like she did governor.
The voters of Alaska have a big decision to make - commonness, celebrity, narcissism, ego, and the ability of this woman to keep the money rolling in.