Ray J Mocks Kanye West, Slams Myla Sinanaj, Encourages Kids to Attend College

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Listen closely, THGers. Ray J has some important words of wisdom to offer.

In a run-in last night with TMZ cameras, the former Kim Kardashian sex tape partner mocked Kanye West for his recent attack on a cameraman... scoffed at the suggestion that he would watch the Myla Sinanaj sex tape... and encouraged all young people to attend college.

It was a classic performance from our favorite D-lister/hip hop star/amateur pornography director.

Seriously, when Ray J speaks, you have to listen. So drop what you're doing now and watch below:


Myla needs to go to the gym.


Ray j & Kanye and KK & Sex tape! This is Black America and 40% of white america. If you are a woman and you have a sex tape then by all accounts you are nothing short of a whore. If your a black rapper then you pretty much are as useless as cat shit, blacks don't really want a solution. They want to fight, fuc*k, blame the white man. Everybody knows what I say is the truth and the truth is what people are scared shitless of. They use poor blacks as their own modern day slaves. They don't want a change for the better. Until these rappers start trying to be a positive influence for the black youth then blacks will stay ignorant. As far as the white women who feel it necessary to prove they are not racially biased-thank you for getting your infected ass's out of the way! I can see much clearer now.

Emily martin

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Myla is a joke! She is in for a surprise if she thinks people are interested in her.


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