Paula Deen Fires Agent in Wake of N-Word Scandal

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Another day, another ugly firing involving Paula Deen.

This time she's actually on the other side, however.

The embattled celebrity chef has cut ties with her agent following the recent fallout from Deen using racial slurs, which she admitted in a lawsuit deposition.

Deen, P.

Deen's rep, Elana Weiss, said in a statement that Deen "has separated from" New York agent Barry Weiner, who she thanks "for the tireless effort."

Thanks, but don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Paula, who's been axed by Food Network, Walmart, Target, JCPenney, Kmart, Sears and Random House, wants Lisa Jackson's lawsuit thrown out.

Deen admits using racial slurs, but a long time ago - not in this discrimination lawsuit, which she says is BS, citing the Prop 8 ruling as cause for dismissal.

It's unclear why she canned her agent ... but things can't be going too much worse at the time being, so at worst it looks like a lateral move for her.

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Let's see. Let blacks survive on their own? Who are you and what cave do you live in? I'm black and I assure you I survive with no help from you or anyone else. Are you stoned? Whites have done so much for blacks??? When and where??? Oh yea, slavery!!!!! The whites worked sooooo hard doing all the back breaking labor, while the black folks just sat around and watched!!!

@ Anna

This country runs on volunteers or haven't you noticed? Who do you think benefits i in large from the - Salvation army- goodwill- habitat for humanity. This attitude of let's correct society "OVERKILL" is doing nothing more than pissing off the people who would normally give. If you are black- GOODIE 4 U! Who is that person you ask? We are everywhere and we are tired of the BS! We owe u nothing! Not even the benifit of the doubt! We are sick of the crime and blame, we are sick of the media defending you. We are puzzled by your inability to call your own kind out! The race card is what holds you down. The minute it's played we are done with you. I'm guessing you know all this but you cannot help yourself. it's how you roll. The only time any of you find unity is when you are attacking a (Paula D- Zimmerman) white. You embarrass yourself. You are stuck.


paula deen is no racist. this is yet another witch hunt for blacks to cry racism so that society can show we hear them. a shame. paula deen is a great talent and a good soul. she isnt on welfare; she is a self-made woman. now her tax dollars go away yet all those welfare recipients still choose not to work. hey for america - another loss and another disappointment for our fore fathers who see this generation as a big disappointment.

@ SoReal

Like everything else in society this ( political correctness) will run its course. People have no dialog and already are divided than ever on many racial issues. The more "the powers to be" try and band aid and right all the wrongs the more screwed up life becomes. Paula is caught in the crossfire in an age where proving you are not racist is more important to some than proving your a good parent or provider or a good influence or anything thing else that truly matters. Weak people feed this fire and will join hands with the devil to fall in the line for instant gratification and to not feel the heat. They are called sheep and they no longer have dignity.


this will help her?..................don't think so.


This shows how ridiculous political correctness has become in this country. You could curse Jesus, God, Whites, Etc. But, horrors, don't use the sacred "N' word! You might be banished to Siberia. The stupidity in this country has become an epidemic.

@ ivan

ivan you are exactly correct. this country should let blacks survive on their own and see how well they do. whites have done so much for blacks but nothing is ever good enough. i think whites have had enough. blacks will always play the race card rather than change who they are as people. - See more at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip....


Paula's appearance on live TV these days is sure suffering by comparison with all those years and years of magazine covers with her head-shot that has been airbrushed and colorized within an inch of its life -- she looks like 10 miles of bad road, and it doesn't make sense that her face could change that much in the last month.

@ Buttonhead

buttonhead you are exactly correct. this country should let blacks survive on their own and see how well they do. whites have done so much for blacks but nothing is ever good enough. i think whites have had enough. blacks will always play the race card rather than change who they are as people.


This should not be happening to her. Why not put an end to all the music groups out there that use the n word,but wait its socially acceptable black people to use but if a white person says it then hell have no fury.

@ metalguy

yeah, well we have to deal with what IS, not what people think is fair or not fair. look at it like this: I can call my wife a bitch but if you do it, it's out of line. Black people can say the n-word and white people can't. It's the same idea, really.