Mario Batali on Justin Bieber Pee Gate: I'd Kick His Rear End!

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Mario Batali is known for cooking up some seriously delicious Italian recipes.

But while speaking with guest host Anthony Bourdain on Piers Morgan Live this week, the world famous chef made it clear what would be on his menu if Justin Bieber ever peed in his kitchen:

A brutal ass kicking.

Those are the exact words Batali used when asked how he'd react if Bieber peed in one of his restaurant's mop buckets, as the singer was caught on tape doing in footage that circulated a few weeks ago.

Bourdain has also referred to Bieber as a punk.

Yesterday morning, meanwhile, Selena Gomez said she would always protect her ex. But who could have guessed Justin would need protecting from Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali?!?


That's a true definition of a fat ass bully. To threaten a superstar like Justin like that in public over a mistake due to a couple of beers and the stupidy of a couple of friends urging him on. Justin has in effect apologized for what he did. Why did he not say the say thing about Ed Sheeran who, in defending Bieber, said he did the same thing. Teens generally act funny when they drink; ever been to Spring Break? What Bieber did was nothing in comparison.


ssssssssssssssh, this is pretty bad language for you: MOMMI WILL BE INFORMED!!


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