Man With 132-Pound Scrotum Lands TLC Series

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Congratulations, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

You are now the second most nauseating series on TLC.

TLC has given the green light to a special titled The Man With the 132 lb. Scrotum. It will center around Wesley Warren Jr., a 49-year old Las Vegas resident… with a 132-pound scrotum.

Hey, at least you can't pretend you didn't know what you were signing up for!

Wesley Warren Jr.

Warren suffers from s condition known as "scrotal lymphedema," which makes simple tasks such as walking, cooking and going to the bathroom far more challenging for him than they are for most.

This one-hour program airs Monday, August 19.

Here is the official TLC synopsis:

The Man With the 132 lb. Scrotum, which highlights the difficulties of living with this bizarre situation, also reveals Wes’s many attempts to find appropriate medical care and raise money for the surgery he desperately needs.

Will you be tuning in?


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Shame on the comedians for making a big joke of this . . . I used to have more belief in human kind


I feel very sorry for this man, good to see him not suffer with all that weight in such an area of the body.


I pray this guy gets help but shame on TLC. There is no reason this needs to be tv. Don't we have taste anymore?




Some of the comments on this site is soooooo sad. What happen to have compassion for another human being. I pray he get the help he need so he can have a normal life.


What is so disgusting? The man is sick!!!!! OMG What should he do put a gun to his head?????? You people would rather watch some rich person fight over which purse to buy than see a man figure out how to get money to live a normal life:(


This is disgusting! Not only on TLC's part, but on his part too! The things people will do to make a buck!! Disgusting!!!!

@ faith

No, what is disgusting is people like you and your comments.This is why God says vengeance belongith to me.Because if I had the power he knows exactly what I would do with you.First,you don't know the first thing about this man.You have no idea what living hell this man has had to go through.I would not imagine someone like you would even begin to think what embarrassment,humilitation,ben made fun of by idiotes like you.And those of you who run your big blab mouths about something you know nothing about and stop the contributions from coming in.There's nothing that could be worse than to be in a condition as this man has and he has to go on tv in order for him to be able to get any help.Would you want to do it?No I didn't think so.It was either that or die.What would you do?I'll just bet your sitting there mumbling to me just exactly what you would do different.And did you hear the doctor say he was going to do the surgery free.The man has no insurance.Do you have any idea what that is like?It's people like you that has probably had everything handed to them all their life that has no idea what desperation is like.No God would not let me have vengeance because you know what I would do to people like you and your big blab mouth and all the others who caused this man the problems he had with the first contributations running their big blab mouths,?I would make sure you had a 132 lb scroutom and put you exactly in the same shoes this man has had to walk in,but I would make sure you and all the others would never find a doctor kind enough to do the surgery free.I would make sure before anything would be done you would have to have every penny to pay for every service you received.Now just how long do you think it would take for you to be able to put that kind of money together drawing disability..Is there anything else you or any of the other idiotes that made fun or critized this man would like to say?And what is such a shame is that as rich as this country is,it is sinful that anyone would have to beg for help and put himself on display in order to get the medical help he so desperately needed.No I don't think the gov or anyone else should have to take care of this man because all he was wanting was the help so he could get well and take care of himself.But if you have not learned yet,we all need some kind of help in one way or another sometimes during life.People just don't go through life and not have some kind of serious problems in one way or another.Thank God for the doctor that did help him.That doctor has helped many people before this man because I have seen him on other programs.I pray God's blessings be on him and I'm sure they are.Its really a shame there are not more people in the world like him.That's what's wrong with the world today.There are to many self absorbed people in the world today.The only thing they think about is me,me,me,.I have lived in the greatest time period I believe ever has been.I was born in 1952.Every person that was born from 1948 until now has been especially chosen to live in this time period.I can hardly believe how things have changed so much in just 60 yrs.People use to care about other people.They use to care about their neighbor.And most of all growing up everybody LOVED GOD and raised their children to know The one and only God and what was expected of you..People have done every thing they can to kick God totally out of the United States and have managed almost to do it.And at the same time The harder they kick the closer this great nation falls a little bit closer to falling flat on its sinful face and collapsing.If you don't think so,Where is our great government sitting at tonight.

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