Man Adopts Stray Dog, Awakens to Discover Testicle Gone

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This seems to be the week of strange animal stories. The other day it was the roaming gang of street cats, and today it is a stray dog gone wrong.

Taking in a stray dog is such a selfless act. Giving an animal a home is usually paid back in spades by the adoring love of the new mutt. 

And then, sometimes, the dog chews your nuts off.

cute dog

An Arkansas man, who for obvious reasons wished to remain nameless when recounting his story, found himself in that exact position.

He took in a "small, white, and fluffy" stray dog, slept in the nude, and woke up to discover the dog had eaten one of his testicles.

The man is paralyzed and was awoken due to "burning pain" only to find the dog's muzzle and paws covered in blood. He was treated at St. Bernards (seriously?) Regional Medical Center.

The dog who had been docile in the previous days, was ultimately euthanized and will be tested for rabies. 

Moral of the story: Don't sleep naked with a strange dog. 


They shouldn't have euthanized the dog, it wasn't vicious and didn't 'attack' him. As others have stated, when the guy didn't respond due to his paralysis, the dog didn't know to stop... He thought it was just a stinky chew toy! The whole 'sleeping nude with the dog' concept sounds a little sketchy to me too. Guys lose their nuts when they get married, but they don't euthanize their wives...sorry, had to say it! But seriously, this guy was culpable to some degree and I'm sure he left out some details to this story.


They should have euthanized the guy for not feeding the poor dog who obviously had to turn to desperate measures,

Natalie j treichel

I bet you a million dollars he was some sick freak that put some peanut butter on his balls or something. Give me a break. A dog just eats his testicle?? Dogs just don't do that.


Aw gee, the dog was euthanized. I wanted to borrow it for a day or two to give to my ex as a gift.


I'm guessing the dog had no idea what it was doing. Being that the man is paralyzed and wasn't reacting the dog didn't know it was part of him. They probably stunk like an old chew toy. I don't know if I should believe this story or not honestly (I certainly don't believe the Gang of Roaming Street Cats story either, there's something missing from that story if the cats really did attack that the woman left out). This sounds sort of like BS especially listing the hospital he went to, but could happen to a paralyzed person because the dog may not know it was even really part of the guy since he wasn't reacting.


Clearly, that poor animal has issues. YIKES!!!!!


Wow thats messed up, its bad enough that hes paralyzed from the waist down but then dog had to come into his life and fk it up even more.


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hahahahahahahahahahaha, HANG LOOSE!!


The man was paralyzed when he adopted the dog, so he could not feel the incident with the dog. Get it?

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