LeAnn Rimes Posts Hottest Selfie Ever!

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LeAnn Rimes is looking amazing in this latest picture posted to her Instagram.

Seriously. Girl has it going on. Even Brandi Glanville should be bowing down.

Hot LeAnn Rimes Photo

Fresh off her performance at an anti-bullying benefit concert, Rimes has a message for the bullies who have tormented her on social media for years:

I look like this.

At least that's how we envision the mindset would be upon posting it. Because that's some pic. Seriously, never have we seen her looking so healthy.

Clearly, Mrs. Eddie Cibrian is in a better place these days than in the past. No way would she end up on the Amanda Bynes ugly list with that effort.

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She's spooky looking....starting to look like Tammy Faye...


If you call 'hot' being Botoxed into perma-eyebrow lift, a Joker smile, fake boobs, and a fivehead then maybe so. I can't get past the bully in her to find the beauty though -- sorry.


Really? I don't find her the least bit attractive. Her face is awful


She is so desperate for attention. Wish she would just zip it. Go tell eddie,we dont give a crap honey.


She is a bully herself! Can't stand her!