Kim Kardashian to Debut Post-Baby Body on Kris, Wants to Look Like Heidi Klum

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Kris Jenner may have lied about debuting North West on her talk show this week.

But a new report says Kim Kardashian is prepared to give her mother a ratings-based treat: she plans to show off her new and improved post-baby body on an upcoming episode of Kris.

Kim Kardashian Twerk

"She wants to show up like Heidi Klum and have everyone marvel at how fast she lost the weight," a source tells Us, adding that Kim has already shed 20 of the 50 pounds she gained during pregnancy.

Moreover, that's why she hasn't been seen in public.

"She won't leave the house until she's thinner," the insider alleges.

Kardashian's body, of course, was the focus of many scathing critiques while pregnant.

Kim Kardashian Twerkin'

She was under fire for packing on so many pounds, with one tabloid claiming she actually gained weight purposefully in order to have more of it to lose.

That way, she would be poised to sign a lucrative magazine deal once that time came ... or so the theory went. We can't vouch for the validity of that story.

But we will be downright shocked if she isn't covering some publication in the near future with a headline that blares HOW KIM GOT HER BIKINI BODY BACK!

Seriously. Bank on it.


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Kim Kardashian to Debut Post-Baby Body on Kris, Wants to Look Like Heidi Klum
Seems homemade to me
Good luck!


When are we going to see the baby's face


I wouldn't put it past her to take extreme measures to be as fit and thin like Heidi. After all, she did reconstruct her entire body through surgery! Don't believe me, just google old pictures of Kim Kardashian and see for yourselves before and after!


NO WAY!!! She will never have a body like Heidi no matter how long she tries and definitely not by this summer. Give it up Kim. You have what you have and you need to live with it.


This family is such an annoying joke. Go away please!!


Your didn't read well, GUYS. Correcting before reading, that's guys!! She wants to look good after the baby, LIKE HK did. Ohhhh lol


Seriously, I'm going to puke. You have outdone yourself in grossness. I used to think it's because your dad died and you had no one to direct you, but now I've read that he is part of the problems. And with a mother who pimps you all out? If you only knew how terrible your family looks. If I were you, I would spend all that time and money on a Shrink or psychologist, Kim--Runnnn! Peace all...


With that fat ass? It will never happen. Give it up Kim.

@ zelda

I'd LOVE to have her ass! That's what a real ASS is suppose to look like. We women fuss about our bodies all the time so Kim's not doing anything different then the rest of us. As far as "planned early" goes, it's a bit far fetched for me but I'm sure that I'm+no+ANGEL was only ribbing but I'll be surprised if she gets a nanny. Her sister doesn't have one and she's on her second child but it will be interesting. She doesn't want to look like Heidi Klum- she wants to do the same as Heidi did by coming out to the public and looking great with the fast weight-loss, so soon after giving birth. Good Luck, Kim. You'll do fine.!


Well .. She has "high hopes" desiring to look like "Heidi" however .. HK is prob a FOOT taller than Kim & has a TOTALLY DIFF body! There is NO WAY she will even RESEMBLE Ms Klum even w the VERY BEST Surgeons in this world!
Kim has a regular woman's "Child-bearing body", as much as she HATED being pregnant .., she is BORN for it & if she doesn't ACCEPT HER BODY for what it is (still beautiful - just not like HK's! Wait - did I just COMPLIMENT KIM??? Well... That's a first! 😊)! Anyhow, if she doesn't just ACCEPT HER body for what it iS, she will most likely FIGHT the rest of her life to have something she JUST CANNOT HAVE! It's time to WISEN UP and "Be" a mother to that child you had prematurely to SAVE YOUR FIGURE! (Yes, I HONESTLY believe she had that baby PLANNED EARLY)! Is it right? NO! And any MD in his/her "right mind" wouldn't have done it .. But she PROB paid them a "fancy sum" - under the table, of course, and I'm positive that Physician felt INCREDIBLY GUILTY when her "huge baby" turned out to be UNDER 5 lbs! This woman is NARCISSISTIC & ONLY thinks of herself! I hope TO GOD that baby has a good nanny (or NannIES PLEURAL!)!! She will NEED a "Caregiver" as I do NOT see Kim feeding that child every few hours (if she is the novelty will wear off & she'll hand baby NW to the nearest Nanny!), changing diapers, holding & talking to baby (withOUT cameras or film crews!), bathing the baby and putting baby to bed. For those of you that actually HAVE CONVINCED yourself she would even DO these things... Right! And she's going to over-night LOOK like Heidi Klum TOO!
Bwahahaha! Not happening!


her anus is still as black as her haircut?

@ abe

Shut up Abe!

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