Kim Kardashian Paparazzi Chase: Do You Buy It?

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So let us get this straight:

A member of the paparazzi trespassed on Kardashian property yesterday. 

He jumped the fence of the gated community... made it close enough to the family's home to be spotted from their living room... and then Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and company chased after him?

There were no security guards around? No hesitation on the parts of these unarmed women to go running after a total stranger?

And no actual sighting of the reporter in question in the following video, which Kim just happened to record and post to Keek?

Why do we wonder whether any of this actually took place?

Why would Kim make it up? We stopped questioning this family a long time ago.

But perhaps the video is some unorthodox way to get back in the news while still delaying the release of North West photos. We have no idea.

What do you think? Are you buying this paparazzi sighting story?


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Kim Kardashian Paparazzi Chase: Do You Buy It?
Ain't it the hottest thing?
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When 8 in 10 don't buy it that should tell you something! Seems to me Kris's plan that the baby would be THE story of 2013 has totally backfired. Supposedly the show is ending in 2015 but I wonder if this debacle will bring a quicker end to the show? I sure hope it does!


what with the royal baby prince George and Edward Snowden - she has no hope in hell of getting any attention, it'll be a year before ppl have calmed down on bonny prince Georgie - still don't get the interest in these people. It's a very bored world who sinks to levels of watching them. and… No I don't watch them, they're in every single magazine or newspaper I buy.What exactly is their claim to fame again?


E Entertainment is reporting that Kim called the cops on the paparazzi and I definitely believe their articles cuz it seems like Kim always go to E entertainment or US magazine to release statements

@ jules

It is fake. She isn't going to chase anyone. She would send her bodyguard after them or she would call the cops. Don't believe their hype.


Kim is a phoney she loves publicity maybe she could continue to make up stories so the pappz hound her and leave kristen stewart alone


I have to ask why HG print the story if you feel the story had no merrit. Did HG want to make the story more than what it is? HG knows better than anyone that this is most likely true. You see HG and other tabloids are the ones that would pay for the pic. Most of these paps are criminals. I wouldn't put anything past them.

@ jay

They wanted attention just like Kim does. And it worked.


With all their money one would think they have some type of security. Read where Kanye back in France. That reunion didn't last long. All that money and so insecure you have to hide from the world? Rather be poor and happy


I think Kim K. Is doing the right thing by staying out of the line light. It's good that she's focusing on being a good mom.

@ Daniella

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA good mom??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good one. Come know she has at least one nanny and most likely more. Do you honestly believe she would change a dirty diaper?? Seriously??


Probably Bruce trying to pick up the rest of his stuff


Hmmm, highly suspect...considering the source.


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