Jamie Foxx Honors Trayvon Martin with T-Shirt at BET Awards

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Jamie Foxx donned a t-shirt in honor of slain teen Trayvon Martin at the BET Awards last night.

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    Dear Residents of Sanford, FL:

    Get ready, the riots are coming. Your fourth of july weekend would have had more the just fireworks if the gutless judge would have thrown the case out on friday, I can understand the judge's reasoning for not stopping this mockery. Who would want to lose their job, home or even life for such a high profile case? It is truly a shame that trayvon martin died. But if you were on that jury could you really sentence zimmerman to life in prison w/the evidence presented in trial? If you could, then you have drank the PMSNBC kool-aid and can not be saved


    This music video tells why Trayvon Martin is dead~
    YouTube - Videos from this email


    black folks stick with eachother till the end.............


    jamie foxx is a dumb n__ger..also a fag-t


    The libtard media are shameless heathens.THEY are trying to turn this case of a HISPANIC guy and a BLACK guy into propaganda and anger at whites.Its all whiteys fault,a latino kills a black and yep its whiteys fault.What are blacks going to do if they don't like the verdict? Riot? Loot? Chimp out? Most likely.The fact of the matter is this case does not cncern anyone other then those involved but thanks to the scum in the media and the prez opening his big lips this case is somwhow important.Anyway,there is too much doubt already raised cannot get a conviction here...


    Please Mr fox listen to the evidence. This was no innocent child here.and yes even unarmed minors can be threatening and can commit crimes.

    @ evidence

    what are you going to do bitch about it on a gossip site??and zimerman is half white half hispanic


    This is not political? Right Foxx- you have lied already! Of all the Black victims in the last year(AKA -CHICAGO) you pick the one where a white shoots a Black! How very racist of you! Since you are all about the kids then why don't you print one of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom of Knoxville! 4 Black males and one Black Female car jacked them outside of an apartment, tortured them for 2 days, rape, shot and body set on fire! That's only what happened to Christopher! I mean since we are printing T-Shirts and all- you know.... Protecting the kids! Foxx you are in the mold of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton! If Zimmerman wasn't white this would not even be NEWS!

    @ I call Bullsh*t

    did u see zimmermans clothes it was so clean( they have pictures takin of him right after the scene) it was raining that night and he claimed that he was on the floor getting his head smashed so why was his clothes so cleaned he didnt even have blood on him if he was on the floor getting beat up and shot martin he the blood would of dripped on him which it didnt

    @ omg

    hey everyone look we have a real life detective here.

    @ omg

    You are the same Assholes that claimed "as entering the police station" that there were no cuts on him and YES THERE WERE! Why? Why? Why? The state of Florida has no case! Here is what they do have (A) Martin using a racist terms only minutes before- Calling Zimmerman a creepy ass CRACKER! They have that! (B) Eye witness that puts Martin on top beating Zimmerman! (C) a medical examiner says -YES his head was banged on the cement! Not to mention the fact that the complex has break ins by blacks! They have to prove intent! The state has no case! Only hope is that 6 female (5white) can be so guilt ridden or so emotionally involved that they will rule a verdict on emotion! That is entirely possible. And the defense has not even taken their turn!

    @ I call Bullsh*t

    racist for wearing a shirt of a young black boy killed???sounds like he is caring to me if thats the case maybe you should wear a channon christian shirt whats sounds racist to me is that you dont own a trayvon shirt


    One racist supporting another nothing shocks me. White people don't buy this guys movies.

    @ Longlivezimmerman

    He is a top ten paid actor in Hollywood, so someone buys his movies.


    For the curious minded. I took the infamous 911 tape into the studio.

    It OBVIOUSLY would not be court admissible (they barely allowed the real ones), but this is a unique and somewhat legitimate way at taking a look at the call in question.

    I compressed it so the lows came up a bit, limited it so you can hear other low sounds without your ears bleeding when the shots ring out. I then (thanks to the wonders of digital, couldn't do this with tape) slowed it down to just over half speed but PITCHED it back up to 100%. In other words.. you can hear the call without it hurting your ears, at a speed that is easier to digest and get a sense of. The pitch however is true to source. And there has been no EQ or altering ANY of the tonalities, although there are inherent nuanced swirly artifacts from slowing anything down that radically.

    Anyway, make of it what you will.. if you want to actually HEAR (what you can) the call, I wouldn't discount taking a listen to this version. The way I have done it is almost akin to the audio version of slowing down a video tape.

    Zimmerman Martin Altercation

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