George H.W. Bush Shaves Head in Solidarity with Cancer-Stricken 2-Year Old

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George H.W. Bush is sporting a new look.

For a very noble cause.

The former President of the United States have shaven his head to in solidarity with a two-year-old Patrick, the son of a member of Bush's security detail who has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

Bush's spokesman Jim McGrath Tweeted the following picture of the ex-Commander-in-Chief, who joined with members of his Secret Service team in making the supportive gesture:

George H.W. Bush Shaved Head

The 88-year old is mostly confined to a wheelchair these days. He was placed in intensive care in December and there was fear he would not survive the ordeal.


some americans see a bad moon rising after going bald.
.....NOT GEORGE, folks!!


Thats amazing that he did that! Of course the liberal tv media wont cover the story cause there is no way a republican can have a good heart

@ Shawnta

Why shit no they won't! They think all older ones should just die- age & experience is the only thing that is holding this thing together. Look at the disarray in this country. Most of the attention spans are no longer than Weiners, weiner. At the root of all this chaos is the liberal media. They are everything that is wrong with society.

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