Corey Feldman Music Video: What the Heck is "Ascension Millennium"?

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So apparently Corey Feldman has a new music video out.

That enough would make you do a double-take, but it's got babes in garter belts, Michael Jackson-style dance moves, Goonies references, and ... Sean Astin.

It's also catchy in an awesomely terrible awesome way:

The vid's YouTube description invites us to step inside the "Feldmansion" in this Day in the Life Adventure with the actor, flanked by 2 of "Corey's Angels."

He dances (MJ style!) and sings his way through scenes featuring his pal, Astin, and eventually to his recording studio which turns into a big stadium.

"Ascension Millennium" is the brand new single from Coreys upcoming solo album ... and we invite you to share with us what you think about it below.

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I am still in disbelief! I actually thought that this song and video was a cruel joke but I see now that it was not a joke although cruel to my eyes and ears. I hv always been a fan of corey and am now just disappointed. He shld stick with acting and never ever, ever,sing again. Im sorry corey but there is no way that u cld hv thought that wld hv gone anywhere good.


A little piece of my life has been taken away that I'll never get back...well, only in my nightmares.