Bride Rips Guest For "Low" Wedding Gift Amount: You Gotta Read This!

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The term "Bridezilla" is typically used to describe brides-to-be in wedding planning mode, but apparently this behavior can extend beyond the big day.

A wedding guest recently shared a Facebook message she got from the bride, not thanking her but calling her out for not giving more money. Seriously.

The guest, Tanya, and her date gave $100 to the newlyweds, which earned a stinging rebuke from the bride (not pictured below, but that's how we envision her).

Tanya shared the story with The Huffington Post:

Insane Bride!

"Last weekend I attended a wedding of a not-close friend with my boyfriend and as a gift we gave $100 cash. This was generous considering my financial situation.

I just finished university with $40,000 in student loans, and have only found part time (12-18 hrs per week) minimum wage work. I gave as much as I could and attended to show my support.

Today I received a rude, condescending message from the bride via Facebook messenger:

'Hi Tanya, how are you? I just want to know is there any reason or dissatisfaction of Mike's and I wedding that both you and Phil gave $50 each? In terms of the amount we got from you both was very unexpected as a result we were very much short on paying off the reception because just for the cocktail + reception alone the plate per person is $200 (as per a normal wedding range with open bar is about) and Mike and I both have already paid for everything else including decor, photography, attire etc and didn't expect we had to cover that huge amount for reception as well. As I know you both live together and work, so I did not see any reason for that amount, when it comes to your wedding hopefully you'll know what I mean. I hope for the best as from what we receive is what we will give back. Anyways, good luck on everything. [all sic]'

It's infuriating that she had the nerve to make assumptions about my finances, and assume that I or my boyfriend had an extra $400 lying around.

Those $100 were hard-earned and she didn't show an ounce of gratitude for what she did receive. That money didn't grow on a tree.

If she had a minimum gift requirement, she should have specified it... or asked everyone for income statements before inviting them."

Yeah ...

To call this "inappropriate" would be the understatement of all time. Thank goodness we weren't invited to "Mike's and I wedding," are we right THGers?


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What a selfish greedy and thoughtless bride, I suspect she put on a show she couldn't really afford and expected her guests to pay for it. Good luck to her husband, lets hope he's able to afford her, sorry ass


When you are invited to a wedding - it is NOT your responsibility to pay for the reception OR any other expense. The Bride & Groom OR the family invite you to share on this special day and should ONLY invite or spend what they can afford. I will NOT fund a wedding simplybased on their extravagent style. I always go to a wedding with an 'open' envelope and base the gift on how good or bad a time I am having.....if you can't AFFORD it then DON'T invite so many people or keep your costs down...! You spend what you can afford and it is not the GUESTS responsibility to fund your wedding.


I also wonder if the bride sent this in to the press to get money to pay for her wedding expenses. Something just seems off to me.


The bride did not budget properly and is now coming after her guests to pay for it. Idiot. Paying for HER wedding is not the responsibility of the guest. Let's hope this bride does not have an accounting/finance job. Lord help us if she does.


Why is this lady posting her email. Yes that email was way out of line and and I seriously agree with every comment on here about her. But neither one of these chicks are what I call a friend. If you considered someone a friend enough to accept their wedding invitation, and they do something this retarded why would you ( someone who graduated a university) send this in to a newspaper to be published to the world. Sorry honey but this does not make you any better or classier than her. You guys deserve each other. Greed and dumb go hand and hand like peanut butter and apples lol.


I just got married a month ago. We had some very generous guests and thn we had some that were on a very strict budget and gave us literally $10. We also had atleast 3 couples give us nothing, not even a card. The couples who gave us nothing hurt my feelings more then made me mad because I feel that they should've atleast given a card, but I would never say anything to them about it! And the ones who gave us only a little bit of money, so what, it's the thought that counts!


I just got married 9 months ago and we asked for a money tree we were very excited to receive $100.00 from our guest's. This bride was in the wrong completely not to mention she sounds like a spoiled rotten "BRAT' it's not her guest's responsibility to ay for her wedding. She should have saved up or not been so extravagant with a wedding she could not afford. She really makes me sick


you should bill her, the gas it cost you to get to her wedding, the dry cleaning for the outfit you wore, and and anything els that it cost you to attend her "wonderful" day.


If she didn't like ur gift so much she should have sent it back in ur not so thank u letter....hopefully shes not a friend any longer...people like her should grow up....its theres and maybe there parents responsibility to pay for her own wedding...thats what u call a looser....

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