Anthony Weiner: Falling in Polls, Staying in Race, "Working With People" to Get Help

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Anthony Weiner says he is staying in the 2013 race for Mayor of New York City despite falling poll numbers and mounting pressure for him to exit.

The Dirty Anthony Weiner

He had actually been near the top of the Democratic field before The Dirty released Anthony Weiner nude photos and explicit texts earlier this week.

The fact that the sexting with Sydney Leathers occurred a year after he quit Congress in disgrace over online affairs leaves his comeback bid in peril.

But in the face of rivals' calls to drop out and concern among Democratic leaders that more embarrassing revelations could emerge, he's staying in.

Weiner is adamant that he won’t leave the race over the sexting scandal, soldiering on during a candidates forum Thursday night in Queens.

Still, it's hard to see his campaign rebounding from this one.

Scandals blow over and voters are more inclined to give politicians second chances than you often think ... but this was his, and he's just ridiculous.

Full-on crotch shots Weiner sent Leathers, 23, were reciprocated by shots of the Indiana resident in a thong-like panty, and another of her in heels.

He has a foot fetish, apparently.

Sydney Elaine Leathers Heels
Anthony Weiner Photograph

Weiner, who welcomed his first child with wife Huma Abedin in December 2011, acknowledged that he is still “working with people” to get help

He insists he does not have an addiction, however.

“I don’t believe that it is. I want to have some modicum of privacy between me and the people who are offering me this help, but the answer is no,” he said.

Campaigning at a soup kitchen in Brooklyn, Weiner was asked again about his Internet relationships, putting the total number at “six to 10, I suppose.”

Asked how many occurred after he left Congress amid his first sexting scandal in June 2011, Weiner said, “I don’t believe I had any more than three.”

There weren’t “dozens and dozens,” the 48-year-old added.

New York City voters' fears? Totally assuaged right now.


My wiener is this big.


These liberals and Democrats are unbelievable! They use every platform just a year ago and talk about Republicans WAR ON WOMEN! Meantime you have this perverted sack of shit taking pictures of his dick. The San Deigo mayor going into "Let me stick my finger" rehab. Who are you people? How can you not stay indoors each day with the curtains drawn! Its be only 1/2 year into Obamas 2nd term and you have your shit scattered everywhere! Have you no shame?

@ I don't care

Oh no pictures of his dick, such scandal! Oooooooo! And here you go to somehow try to make like it has anything to do with the political party he's in *rolls eyes*.

Chris babbler

If you look in the dictionary for the word "scumbag" you will find Anthony Weiner's picture.

Chris babbler

If you look at that picture of Weiner you know he is saying, "Yeah it's this big...on a good day!"


Even more scary than that- his wife is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Liberals Queen- Hiliary Clinton- Weiners wife was Hiliarys assistant. You liberals have your shit scattered from here to Hell!


His wife should run as fast as she can with child!! No way would I ever want that lying slime around!! She needs to put on her big girl panties!!!


Supposedly the girl he was "sexting" w had no idea how DISCUSTING he was either!! Wow - his wife must really want their kid to be normal to try so hard for this loser! I agree - he continues to embarrass her & she just TAKES it? I would've been gone the 1st time! Oh well - who knows what she's thinking!?!


ok this is totally freekin me out, I did not even realize he was running! he is Lucky his wife stayed. but really pushing it here. drop out, your simply not fit. I thought you had been offered a job at hustler magazine?




I don't know why his wife continues to stand by him when he continually embarasses her.

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