Anthony Weiner Nude Photos Published; The Dirty Urges NYC to Reject Candidate

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The Anthony Weiner sexting scandal has taken an even more graphic twist as the site which broke the story has now run uncensored, nude photos of him.

We're talking straight up penis photos, people.

Carlos Danger Picture

If you're interested in seeing what Sydney Elaine Leathers received on her phone, be advised that these are up-close, uncensored photos of male anatomy.

The Dirty posted them today, with a call to New York City voters to reject Weiner, the ex-Congressman now mounting a comeback bid for mayor:

"There comes a time for people to dissolve the political bonds connecting them with self-absorbed, perverted politicians. New York City, now is that time!"

"As the flagship city of the United States, you must use this as an opportunity to tell the world that dirty politicians like Anthony Weiner don’t deserve to represent you."

"Today is the first time in our company history that The Dirty has published extreme nude images without censor because New York deserves better leadership than this."

"Let your voices be heard and demand that Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger withdraws immediately from the mayoral race."

"Now is your time, your opportunity to positively shift the focus of the mainstream media and the culture of politics in the United States."

Do you agree? It remains to be seen if NYC voters do, but they may have a chance to show us if Weiner stays in the race, as he insists he will.

Pressure may mount for him to drop out, but for now, he isn't.

What do you think: Should Weiner drop out of the race?


The pundits are just jealous of Weiner's massive piece of distraction. Even flaccid it must be eight inches with a big mushroom head. He must be so obsessed with it that it is affecting his judgement. I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing he tries is to convince us that he is gay.


Maybe Weiner's weiner is better looking than his face Why on Earth would his wife put up with this? Maybe because she herself wants to get into Politics like Hilary did.


he is a very sick man and he is dangerous. how come he gets away with it. for mayor, are you f kidding me. get the sob off the street. his wife looks terrible.


The man is doing what most, yes most men do. He just got caught. My Father, all my Uncles, 2 brothers have sexual type of relations or outlets at this present day. The truth is Anthony Weiner is just a very sexy looking man. Yes he is. He just has that look. Very lean and very well endowed. People he is doing what a good looking well built, endowed sexed man does!! Terry, Charlotte, NC.

@ Terry

He is soooo Fugly!!!

@ Terry

no, only in your family. sicko.

@ christieo

I agree. Only in her family. Gross!!


He has a sick mantaly challenged nut for a wife. She goes to show you just what all these women amd wives put up with just for money and recognition. God only knows what goes on behind closed doors. She also looks Abused


What a weirdo! Why is his wife supporting him? He's do fuggly. Must be for his money😱😱

@ CC

She has her own money and if you don't remember her job was with the Sate Department. She doesn't need to stay with him.......very judgmental on your part!!!!

@ tabatha

Oh we will see in time. Why she is staying with him and faking a smile😘


What a schmuck! educationally smart emotionally stupid. Just saw you on the news. Looks like its gettin to you. Save whatever is left of your creepy self and just quit. Thank god huma is gettin advice from her former boss. Dont worry my dear all of this shit will only make you stronger. Just lock anthony in the bathroom with a playboy magazine and tell him not to come out. With all rhe corruption in government we need this idiot like we need a hole in our head


Odd behavior for a grown man. Perhaps he needs some professional help. Isn't there indecent exposure laws in this country. There should be


There goes any chance of a security clearance


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