Amanda Bynes Racks Up Mega-Stoner Room Service Bill Pre-Ritz Carlton Heave-Ho

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Amanda Bynes does not hold back when it comes to the weed ... or the munchies.

We don't know that for sure, because we weren't there, but we do know she racked up a MASSIVE room service bill before getting booted out of her hotel Thursday.

The one-woman Twitter tornado spent over TWO GRAND there in a week-plus.


She was kicked out of the Ritz-Carlton for smoking weed in her room, as well as for being repeatedly rude to the staff (who she called "ugly" obviously).

Amanda Bynes denies the allegations ... but the bill does not help her cause.

According to the hotel, she piled up nearly $9,000 in charges, much of it coming from her $700/night rate, but $2,389 of it just from room service.

The 27-year-old spread that out over 40 separate room service orders (yes, forty), which breaks out to around $60 per order over her stint there.

Even with the jacked up prices on those $17 pancakes, holy munchies girl.


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so half of america has the hollywood-syndrom?


I thought she was a real talented....she probably still is...she just needs a great deal of help...


She doesnt look like she keeps what she eats down, iam not trying to be mean, i actually think she might have an eating disorder on top of her mental issues, i really hope she gets help, i do! I use to love her as an actress

@ Ashley

I also thinks she needs help. Maybe if one of the hotel maids slapped the shit out of her, maybe that would help.. that wig doesn't fit her well at all, at least not as well as a foot up her ugly ass. maybe she just needs a time out or maybe she just needs sometime to out and actually work for a living because the outside her little bubble I feel certain that people would not make time for her arrogant egotistical disposition. Where do they find these no skilled bit*hes.


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