Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Hotel For Smoking Weed, Makes "Ugly" Front Desk Girl Cry

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Amanda Bynes was reportedly kicked out of a the Ritz-Carlton hotel in NYC for smoking weed in her room and making a girl cry, according to reports.

Bynes, meanwhile, claims she left the hotel "voluntarily." Right.

Amanda Bynes, Blue Wig

The 27-year-old terror was reportedly a nightmare from the start, smoking weed every day like she were Snoop Lion despite warnings from hotel staff.

She also used spray chemicals to mask the smell (to no avail).

The really crazy, albeit not surprising, part? She was repeatedly rude to the staff and even told the front desk girl she was "too ugly" to check her in.

Bynes even went so far as to offered her plastic surgeon's services to the desk girl in question who needs "fixing," at which point tears started flowing.

The blue-haired wonder's bad behavior continued until yesterday morning, when the staff kicked her ass to the curb hours before she was ready to check out.

Not even two months ago, New York police arrested Amanda Bynes for tossing a bong out of the window of her apartment onto the street below.

Soon after, the transient became the Ritz's problem apparently.

As for where the next chapter of this ongoing saga will play out? She was last seen in a cab headed to LaGuardia Airport, and was reportedly bound for L.A.

Stay off the roads and hide your "ugly" people, L.A.


If I was the front desk clerk I would of been rude to and said ok if I am too ugly to check you in then I guess you can't stay here cause I am the key master and I have no key for you. Oh how kind of you to offer your plastic surgeons heart, besides his botched jobs on your face did he botch the one on your heart cause I am getting a feeling he packed you with ice, you sorry excuse for a person. if she got more angry I'd tell I didn't care who she was and would give her the a** beating no one has issued yet. The way she is to others is what is ugly!!!

@ Ck

meant to say plastic surgeons number*


Apparently, Amanda Bynes does not realize Ugly Behavior is the worse. Or as my mom used to say to the girls in the family..pretty is as pretty does. Meaning if you don't have pretty ways, it makes you ugly on the outside.


If I was that girl who she called ugly I would have slaped that stupid bitch. I'm sorry I have a temper but hell to the no that I would let Amanda say that to me that stupid bitch!


She has no right to call people ugly. She more ugly and a stuck up little bitch!!


Was she ever in the movie, "Mean Girls"? Should've been easy for her to play the role...not much of a stretch. I'd be disowning her if she were my daughter.

@ Gramma2KT

Gramma2KT- where did you get that picture of Amanda... fairly recent too! If she were my daughter, I`d be trying to get ahold of my parish priest to perform an exorcism!!! You know we all can`t blame the drugs for screwing her up. Her performance is something that she`s been from the beginning.She`s just one piece of shit and the drugs just enchanced it.Positively a fall-down phk-up, if you ask me!!


It's time for this mental case to get treatments at a facility.


You guys are pathetic. You think she deserves "help"? After being so mean and rude to people for no reason and thinking of nobody other than herself, despite all the times that people have offered her help and she turns it down and keeps doing the same old crap? You people who put up with it and think you could "help" her only help her to keep doing the same old stuff. She's a druggie and a sociopath, and you don't cure sociopath. She's incredibly mean and cruel. That's part of her soul, that's not from the drugs. She's been offered help many times over. Now what she needs is punishment to show that her behavior isn't going to be tolerated. She'll never care that you offer her help, she'll never care how mean she is. That's just how sociopaths are. She had you guys fooled with her good girl act for a while, now this is her real personality. All drugs did was help that boil to the surface. She tells everybody she doesn't need help and horribly insults those who offer it to her. She's a bad person, a bad soul, and yes they do exist. Druggies become selfish, but that's no excuse for how horribly she treats people. Telling some poor girl that she's too ugly to check her in? And you guys go "Aww the poor girl needs help." No, the dumb b**** needs a good slap. As long as she still has enough money to not hit rock bottom and enough gullible people to use in her life she isn't going to allow anybody to "help" her. Having been a heavy drug user myself though and spent nearly 40 years around other heavy drug users I can tell you that's just her mean a** personality, not drugs that is making her act like that. People like her need a swift kick of reality to the rear, not sighs of "poor girl". You're so blind you allow her to keep going. Morons. Oh and I like how her biography here still says "young innocent actress" *snicker*. I think the innocence left town a long time ago.

@ Truth Sayer

Well said!

@ Truth Sayer

Truth Sayer- You took the words right out of my mouth!! At one time, I was a drug addict for almost 25yrs. and never, ever treated someone that way or acted so dispicably. She`s been like this from the get-go and all the dope did was show us how much of a piece of shit she is! People have got to stop dancing around her and treating her with ``kid gloves`` because she`s just loving this!! Wake up people!! Time to take the gloves off!


Why are you going all Lindsey Lo-Ho on us? You were supposed to be normal and down to earth Amanda. That's why America liked you. :(


they obviciously aren't used to european folks.

Sheena tackett

I use to watch her all the time. I wish someone would help her. i really like her. i wish i could help her.

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