Amanda Bynes, Mom Back on Speaking Terms Despite Conservatorship Battle

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Despite the conservatorship battle surrounding her, a hospitalized Amanda Bynes and her mother Lynn are reportedly back on speaking terms.

Bynes is “absolutely aware of what is going on, and that her mother attempted to get a conservatorship of her," says a source close to the situation.

"She doesn’t like it, but Amanda loves her mom. They have a complicated relationship, but they get along most of the time, and used to be very, close."

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Before Amanda Bynes' mental health issues became so dire, "she used to say her mom was her best friend ... they have been talking daily since Friday."

Lynn has tried to emphasize to Amanda, who is said to resent her controlling parents, "that she just wants her to continue to get medical treatment.”

Friday, Judge Glen Reiser ordered a full investigation before ruling on Lynn’s petition to be come Amanda’s conservator, which Amanda objects to.

The judge determined that there was no need to grant a conservatorship at this stage because she will remain in the hospital for another two weeks.

Bynes was hospitalized and placed under a 5150 hold July 19.The judge also wants to speak to her in person and set another hearing for August 1.

Some speculate that Amanda is no longer as angry at Lynn because she is considering dropping the conservatorship bid under the right circumstances.

“Lynn is ready to drop the petition to become Amanda’s temporary conservator, if her daughter agrees to continue to get treatment," says a source.

“It broke Lynn’s heart to have to do it, and she is really leaning toward dropping it.”

It’s a strange twist to an already strange case and has left some wondering if Amanda will simply continue her bizarre antics if and when set is free.

She's on medication now, however, so that can only help.


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